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Rob Trites

As the graduate of a Sports Management bachelor’s degree, Rob Trites is a by-the-book sports guy. He grew up playing sports and decided to try to make a career out of writing once he came to grips with his athletic short-comings. With experience writing for newspapers with various organizations, Rob is a well-rounded print journalist who appreciates both the analytical and anecdotal aspects of sport. A consummate sports fan, Rob has a wide-array of interests and fantasy teams but has a soft spot for soccer, hockey and baseball.

  • The Pick 6: Conference Finals

    Rob TritesFri, Jan 19, 4:33pm

    While there’s a good chance we’ve already seen the best football of the postseason with the Minnesota Miracle, there are still three games to go and...

  • City’s Odds to Win the EPL Plummet After Thrilling Loss

    Rob TritesWed, Jan 17, 3:30pm

    It’s finally happened: Manchester City lost this weekend  – in spectacular fashion – to bring the club’s unbeaten run to an emphatic...

  • The Pick 6: Divisional Round

    Rob TritesFri, Jan 12, 5:09pm

    There are just seven football games left this season so I’m ready to make some hay while there’s still some light. It’s going to be a very dark time...

  • The Pick 6: Wild-Card Edition

    Rob TritesFri, Jan 5, 5:04pm

    We’re quickly winding down to the end of another NFL season but like a bad case of venereal disease, I just won’t go away and I’ve got a FEVER (for...

  • The Pick 6: Week 17

    Rob TritesSat, Dec 30, 2:47pm

    Welcome to Week 17. A hectic, landmine-filled week that I usually like to avoid as a bettor but since I’ve got you folks counting on me, I’...

  • The Pick 6: Week 16

    Rob TritesFri, Dec 22, 5:15pm

    Over the last four weeks, the Pick 6 has been performing phenomenally as I’ve really settled into a nice little groove. There are just two...

  • The Pick 6: Week 15

    Rob TritesSat, Dec 16, 1:19pm

    Week 15 is important for so many reasons. It has multiple marquee matchups, it’s the second last week of real regular season football but most...

  • The Pick 6: Week 14

    Rob TritesSat, Dec 9, 9:40pm

    Things are getting packed at the top of the NFC and with two matchups this Sunday that pit four of the six teams currently in the conference's...

  • The Pick 6: Week 13

    Rob TritesSat, Dec 2, 12:00am

    Week 12 was certainly not our strongest outing after a couple of bad beats went against us but thanks to a massive Turkey Day we were still up money...

  • The Pick 6: Week 12

    Rob TritesSun, Nov 26, 6:30am

    A successful Turkey Day helped me stuff my pockets and I’m now 12-5-1 (up $810 with $100 bets) over my last three Pick 6 columns. Because I’m a...