Casino Slots Odds

When it comes to slot games there are so many variations today that figuring out your odds is nearly impossible. Instead slot game odds are expressed in the form of payback percentages. As a player you want to search for games that give you the biggest payback percentage you can find, and online that should be at least 99% or better.

It’s rumored that brick and mortar casinos will even have loose slot games that pay out at more than 100%. The casinos supposedly place these games in high-profile areas so more patrons can witness someone hitting a big payday. There are none of these loose games online, but the average payback online is greater than the average you’ll find in any regular casino.

For a nickel slot game the average payback percentage in live casino is 92.5%. The quarter machines pay back an average of 94.1%, the dollar machines 95.9% and the high stakes $5 games pay back 98.4%. Online the overhead is much less than in a live casino, so payback percentages can be bigger without the house feeling the pinch.

Online, most casino slot games’ payback percentage is around 99%. With so many casinos to choose from, and if slots are your thing, you have to take the time to find the best games with the highest paybacks. It may not be a big difference during one session, but over the longer term of playing the game it will add up to a significant amount.
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Progressive jackpots can increase the payback percentages of slot games because the jackpot amount considerably increases the potential win. If the jackpot is big enough, the return on a game can easily exceed 100% of the intake, thus giving the players a positive betting situation.

Just remember, when it comes to progressive jackpots, the bigger they are the better the payback percentage. Wait until the jackpot has grown to a good size before playing, and make sure that you remember to play maximum bet on any progressive jackpot game you play. If you don’t play max bet, you don’t qualify for the jackpot, and your payback percentage will go way down. Learn more about Casino Slots here!