Red Dog Odds

Red Dog is not a game that you find in every casino, but it has become readily available online. In Red Dog the player either gets dealt a three-card match which pays 11 to 1, or they are dealt a hand where there is a spread between the cards. The size of the spread between the cards will determine what the payout odds will be for hitting a card in between the two cards that you have been dealt.

For a one-number spread the odds of winning are 8%. If you do win, it will pay 5 to 1 on your bet. A two-card spread pays 4 to1 and will hit about 15% of the time. A three-card spread pays 2 to 1 but will only occur an average of 23% of the time. Spreads between four and eleven all pay 1 to 1 on your bet, but only spreads of seven or more give you more than a 50% chance to win.

That means that it’s correct Red Dog strategy to only raise your bet when you have a seven-card spread or more. Otherwise, just stay with the bet that you have already made, and hope that you beat the odds and win the hand.

You won’t have the choice to take another card if you’re dealt two cards of the same value. When this happens the third card is automatically dealt, and you don’t get the opportunity to raise your initial bet. If you manage to hit another card of the same value you get paid 11 to 1 on your original wager.

The house edge in Red Dog varies based on how many decks the casino has in play. With one deck, the house edge is 3.15%. Two decks gives them an edge of 3.077%, four decks provides 2.88%, six decks means a 2.80% edge for the house, and games with eight decks in play give the house a 2.75% edge. Unlike most casino games, in Red Dog the player’s chances improve as the number of decks in play increases.

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