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How to Pick an Online Racebook

Betting the ponies has become very easy thanks to the Internet. No more trudging out to the racetrack, fighting traffic, paying to park and admissions, and eating less than stellar food.

Staying at home and betting on horses has become immensely popular, with online racebooks offering plenty of incentives to horseplayers, and online video streaming becoming vivid enough it almost seems like you are at the track.

There is a wide variety of online options for horseplayers, and it is smart to take a good look at what the racebooks have to offer before making a deposit.

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Many online racebooks offer a generous signup bonus for opening a wagering account. These bonuses can be upward of 100% of the original deposit, and can certainly help a horseplayer get off to a winning start.

One of the most important issues facing horseplayers is the high percentage the tracks take out of wagers, known as the takeout.

These taxes can be as high as 31% on trifecta bets, making it very difficult for a horseplayer to make a profit without some type of player rewards, more commonly known as rebates.

If you are going to play online, make sure your racebook offers a generous rebate program. Many of the top racebooks offer rebates of at least 3% on traditional win, place, and show wagers, and 8% or more on exotic wagers.

For the vast majority of horseplayers, getting a rebate is the difference in whether the bottom line is in the red or black.

If possible, take a test drive of the Racebook’s software, to see how easy wagers can be placed, and what information is available.

While offering free video is important to some horseplayers, with horse racing networks like TVG and HRTV available on Direct TV, it is not as important as rebates.

In addition, make sure the Racebook you are looking at offers easy options for making deposits and withdrawals.  

Handicapper Michael Dempsey on Racebooks: “I am amazed when I hear some horseplayers are betting with a U.S. based Racebook that actually charges .25 cents to place a wager. Choose a Racebook that offers solid customer service, has a solid rebate program and a reputable Racebook where you know you are going to be paid. Wagering at home is my preferred way to play the ponies, as there are fewer distractions, and my commute is from the bedroom to my den. The food is usually better, and at home you can get a quick nap in between races, something that is frowned upon at the racetrack.”