Runline Odds for Baseball Explained

What do you get when you merge a baseball point spread with a baseball moneyline? It’s called a runline and it’s a unique form of baseball betting that can be profitable.

Most baseball betting is done via the moneyline (-140) and total (8.5). (For explanations about baseball moneyline betting).

Runline betting is growing in popularity and requires you to bet a team to win by more than one run. So in a moneyline bet of Toronto against Baltimore where the Jays win 5-4, you would win your bet.

Toronto -125
Baltimore +115

You risked $125 and won $100 (for a total of $125 + $100 = $225).

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In runline betting, your risk and reward amounts will vary, but one thing remains constant – you either bet a team to win by two or more runs or you bet the other team to either win or lose by just a single run. In the example below:

Toronto -1.5/+120
Baltimore +1.5/-140

If you bet Toronto, they must win by at least two runs (since they are -1.5). However, check out the payout – you get +120 for taking that extra risk.

You would risk $100 to win $120 (if the Jays win 4-2). If they win 3-2 or lose, you lose your runline bet.

On the underdog side, the Orioles are +1.5 runs. They can win or lose by one run and still win the runline bet for you. However, that benefit comes at a price. You have to wager $140 to win $100 knowing that if they win or even lose by one, you pocket the cash!

PuckLine betting

In the NHL, there is a betting equivalent of the runline called a puckline. Puck line betting is where you are betting on a team to win by more than one goal. So in a moneyline bet of Detroit vs. Chicago where the Wings win 3-2, you would win your bet. Plain and simple.

Detroit -125
Chicago +115

You wagered $125 and won $100. Puckline betting provides the same risks and rewards as runline betting. In the example below:

Detroit -1.5/+120
Chicago +1.5/-140

If you bet the Red Wings, they must win by two goals (since they are -1.5). However, like in baseball, you get a better payout of +120 for taking that extra risk - $100 pays $120.

On the underdog side of the coin, the Blackhawks are +1.5 goals. They can win outright or even lose by one goal and still be a puckline winner for you. Same deal again, where you have to risk a bit more of the privilege.

You would wager $140 to win $100. Check out the NHL odds comparisons here at for the latest hockey puckline odds and more to help you beat the spread more often.

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