Betting Against Ranked teams

Some handicappers would tell you that betting ranked road underdogs against an unranked home foe is an out-and-out trap, but the numbers suggest otherwise.

No system is foolproof, and while it’s unlike us to put the fate of our bankroll in the hands of the AP Top 25 and the college football head coaches that chime in on the Coaches’ Poll, the reality is the rankings tend to point bettors in the right direction.

It is a tricky thing, of course, but a majority of ranked dogs cover the spread against unranked opponents. It’s a tough call when a No. 25 team is dogged on the road against an unranked home team, but when in doubt, take the pup in that spot.

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The key is do your usual handicapping, letting the opportunity act as a chance to evalaute the situation in an in-depth manner. Don’t blindly take every unranked road dog – you’ll be sorry.

It’s smart to lean that way, though. The difference maker is the opponent in question. Are they close to being ranked themselves? Do they carry a strong homefield advantage? What do the matchups look like? Leaving the spread aside for a minute, which team should win this game outright?

Taking this angle further, it’s pure gold when the situation is reversed. Jump all over ranked underdogs that are playing at home, especially if they’re up against an unranked team. This is a rare occurence on the betting odds board, but it does happen every couple of weeks.

A sharper wager could be to take ranked home pups against a ranked road favorite. Chances are you’ll have more points to work with, and conference rivalries and tendencies could come into play.

Finally, note that the rankings are a better window into which teams have it and which programs don’t later on in the season. Bet accordingly.

Betting ranked underdogs against unranked foes is one NCAA football betting theory among many. Read more sports betting 101 tutorials by clicking here and stay on top of the best college football odds here as well.