Should I Pay For Picks

If you're a sports bettor or just a sports fans who makes the occasional bets, you've seen the ads.

On TV, in magazine and plastered all over the Internet are ads from professional sports handicappers offering you their winning picks for a price. So, is it worth it to fork out a few bucks for what you hope are some great winning picks?

Unfortunately there's no basic right or wrong answer to that question, although one site is trying to make it an obvious choice. It's different for every bettor and their own situation.

Here are a few things that will help you find the right answer for you. First, what's your sports betting budget? If you're only laying down $1 bets on a couple games every week, then you shouldn't be spending your money trying to get winning picks.

Figuring out why shouldn't be too hard. If you're placing small wagers, you'll likely end up paying more for your winning picks than you'll end up winning from your bets. Paying for picks is only worth it if you're going to end up winning more money than you paid for the picks in the first place.

Second question to ask is, what kind of bettor are you? Are you already winning more than you lose? Is your bankroll on a steady upward track or is it diving and plunging requiring you to re-deposit every week?

Do you already crunch a ton of numbers, sift through all the trends and get all the relevant teams news on coaches, players, injuries and off field transgressions? Do you understand line moves and how to manage your money to ensure you get maximum value from the odds?

If so, then buying picks makes only marginal sense. It can make sense to have a second set of ears and eyes and a second opinion picking up on something you might have missed.

On the other hand, maybe you haven't been able to pick a winner at all lately. Or, you've gotten so bogged down with other parts of your life that the only sports updates you have time for is the occasional twitter update at your desk.

If this is the case, getting picks and information from a professional who has studied all the lines, trends, odds, etc. and makes knowledgeable picks based on facts - and not just gut feeling or based on his favorite team - could be the way to go.

So finding veteran handicappers who know their stuff and are trusted in the industry, along with math-based programs that crunch numbers and simulate game play, can help you the answer the question - should i pay for picks? - with an emphatic 'yes.'