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Henderson favored over Franklin in UFC 93 odds

The main event at UFC 93 betting is the Henderson vs. Franklin fight, but in terms of bad blood between fighters the Mark Coleman-Shogun Rua may be the main attraction.

Regardless, there is plenty on the UFC 93 odds list to intrigue even the casual MMA fan. And the serious fan will find plenty of odds value here in the list.

UFC 93 odds - Rich Franklin +100 vs. Dan Henderson -140 Odds courtesy Bovada

The main event is a battle between a couple of fighters that may be light for their weight class and both can go from light heavyweight to middleweight. Henderson may have the advantage, as he is used to fighting in the light heavyweight division and Franklin is not.

Henderson has the awesome knockout power and a well-known right hand, as well as being a better wrestler, but Franklin may be a more well rounded fighter with more all-around MMA game.

Franklin only has problems when he fights faster and more athletic fighters and in this fight he will have the chance to win on points, which may be a likely outcome. You can also win a free $75 when you deposit $200 with your MMA wager this week at Bovada

MMA betting - Shogun Rua -400 vs. Mark Coleman +250 Odds courtesy Bovada

While Coleman is 44 years old, he is in great fighting shape and he is powerful to say the least. Shogun may not be totally recovered from a broken arm, but he has youth on his side.

There are not good feelings between these two fighters and Rua has youth on his side and his punching power should put him over the top and take out the old man.

Coleman is a veteran fighter, so if Rua makes any mistakes Coleman will jump all over him and pound him. Coleman pays out $250 on a $100 wager if you think he can win.

UFC 93 odds - Alan Belcher +210 vs. Denis Kang -325 Odds courtesy Bovada

Kang is the huge favorite in this fight, as he is legit top-ten mixed martial arts middleweight and Belcher, quite frankly, may not even be in the top 40. Kang has more experience, has fought better fighters, and is a much better striker with a better ground game.
Belcher will use his kicking style to try to score an upset, but don’t count on it. Kang is a -325 favorite, meaning you have to wager $350 just to win $100, but it’s easy money if you like the muscular Kang as much as some MMA experts do.

UFC 93 odds - Chris Lytle +100 vs. Marcus Davis -140 Odds courtesy Bovada

Look for a big time brawl in this match up. Both fighters are pretty evenly matched in terms of their size and their skills. This fight will be close and a fun one to watch.

Look for Davis to have the slight advantage, as he has a little more strength and raw ability.

Wager on UFC 93 at many online sportsbooks, but check to make sure you are getting the best MMA odds on that fight. And while you're at it, make sure you are securing your maximum bonus and signing up at a trustworthy place.