Betting SEC to Win the BCS Title

Auburn. Alabama. Florida. LSU. Florida again. Those are the last five BCS national champions. They’re all from the football hotbed that is the SEC.

If you want to go back over the last eight years, the SEC has taken home six national titles. The SEC is the dominant conference in college football and it’s not even close in terms of the pecking order at the top.

So why the SEC? What is it in the drinking water down there that produces national champions hand over fist? [ College football ATS game logs ]

“We’re at the point where picking a national champion on the futures board requires nothing more than capping the SEC champion,” says OddsShark football analyst Mike Pickett. “There are other schools with a chance, but there’s little reason to bet against the SEC at this point.”

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First off, three of the most prolific college football programs reside in the SEC: Florida, Alabama, and LSU. With all of the money that goes into recruiting and winning, it only makes sense that at least one of those schools will be a contender for the national championship in a given year. That doesn’t account for one of the other programs – like last year’s national champ, Auburn, from emerging, either.

The culture in the south has a lot to do with the SEC’s strength. Professional sports reins supreme up north and even in population-rich California, but college sports – specifically college football – is the cat’s pyjamas in the south.

Everyone grows up playing football, and the recruiting budgets are top of the line. The rivalries are fierce, the coaching paycheques hefty, and after all, winning and success breeds more winning and success. It’s not professional sports, but it’s the next closest thing to it. Other conferences can only dream of the hype created by SEC fans.

Winning college football bets, specifically BCS futures involving SEC teams, involves plenty of handicapping. And it takes training to avoid the pitfalls that can damage your bankroll.