College Football Over Under Betting Offers Best NCAA Odds Value

Everyone loves their NCAA point spread and moneyline betting, but sharp bettors know totals are where you have the best chance of making money wagering college football.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at sportsbooks’ betting limits. At some shops, you can wager up to 20 times as much on a side as on the over/under. Books know totals are where it’s at, and they’re not about to go out of business.

As opposed to the NFL, where totals typically range in the low 30s to mid 50s, college football totals often creep into the 70s, and they’re only going higher with the game becoming more and more pass-friendly. On one college football team, you can have a great offense and a poor defense, and if they’re up against a program of a similar disposition, then scoreboard operators should watch out because it could be a very busy day.

Betting college football totals is a harder proposition than betting NFL totals, but there’s still cash to be banked if you know where to look.

Public perception has a lot to do with totals. If two great run defenses are set to face each other, expect a low total – because most public bettors are expecting a low-scoring affair. Such a game could be ripe for the ‘over’, however. Because both teams know they’re going to have a hard time running the ball, they’ll open it up early. More passing means more clock stoppages, more possessions, and often more scoring than was expected by square bettors.

A number of key statistics are essential when handicapping college football totals, but like any numbers, they have to be evaluated in context. Points per game average, for instance, is important in assessing a given total, but what’s more integral is a rundown of a team’s strength of schedule.

Just because a team is putting up 40 points per game, doesn’t mean they’ll continue doing so when up against stiffer competition.

Winning NCAA football over under bets requires different preparation than in the NFL. See the latest college football total odds and check in on other tutorials to avoid the pitfalls that can damage your bankroll.