College Football Parlay Betting Strategies

Parlay betting is a tricky proposition at the best of times, but it’s especially the case in college football where huge talent discrepancies can exist between the programs.

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to parlay but with a strategic two-game college football parlay, you can turn a nice profit. The odds are stacked against the bettor, and while the hefty return is enticing, the sportsbook usually takes home huge juice from such transactions.

That said, college football presents huge and/or soft lines that make parlay betting enticing, and worth a look on a weekly basis. The sharpest lines exist in NFL and NBA, but college sports – NCAA football odds the major player in that equation – are different.

There are too many teams for oddsmakers to keep track of perfectly, and it’s difficult at the beginning of the season when no one has seen the teams in question take the field. Add to that a dearth of head-to-head history, Division I schools playing Division II programs, and huge pointspreads, and there’s money to be made beating the books.

But should you be making this cash via the parlay?  Yes and no. Parlays, by nature (that nature being probabilities) are difficult to win. As long as you keep it fun and not a ‘bailout’ bet, and you use a set amount of your bankroll for parlays, it’s something you can incorporate into your strategy.

Stick with what we like to call correlated parlays. In essence, combine bets that are related to each other. For instance, if you handicapped the weather to be cloudy, you could parlay that bet with a wager on the probability of it raining. Get what we’re saying?

In college football, let’s say Alabama is likely to cover, and with the best defense in the country playing against one of the worst offenses (but a decent opposing defense), the ‘under’ is a likely outcome in a Crimson Tide win. That’s a correlated parlay.

Winning more NCAAF parlay bets is a matter of knowing the odds and being smart with your picks. And it takes training to avoid the pitfalls that can damage your bankroll.