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NFL Football - Power Rankings

Team NameRankLast WeekChangePowerScheduleAdjusted Power
Minnesota1 4 +3+29.170.46+13.49
Seattle2 1 -1+35.550.38+13.33
Arizona3 2 -1+25.360.51+12.96
Denver4 8 +4+19.730.50+9.86
New England5 5 -+18.180.44+8.08
Carolina6 9 +3+14.980.50+7.49
Buffalo7 6 -1+15.600.48+7.45
Philadelphia8 10 +2+13.290.50+6.65
Pittsburgh9 3 -6+12.450.52+6.47
Atlanta10 15 +5+12.170.49+5.93
Kansas City11 7 -4+12.990.45+5.85
Houston12 13 +1+10.160.54+5.46
San Diego13 12 -1+9.830.55+5.41
Washington14 11 -3+9.670.48+4.59
Detroit15 14 -1+5.810.46+2.65
Green Bay16 18 +2+4.470.50+2.24
New Orleans17 16 -1+2.300.50+1.15
Dallas18 17 -1+0.300.45+0.13
Cincinnati19 24 +5-0.020.43-0.01
Indianapolis20 28 +8-2.020.46-1.09
Oakland21 22 +1-4.700.49-2.41
Baltimore22 21 -1-5.480.49-2.80
Miami23 26 +3-8.520.48-4.45
Los Angeles24 19 -5-11.290.49-5.81
NY Giants25 23 -2-14.070.56-6.25
NY Jets26 20 -6-16.600.59-6.83
Jacksonville27 25 -2-18.290.50-9.14
Tennessee28 30 +2-20.940.55-9.42
Chicago29 27 -2-22.620.56-10.05
Tampa Bay30 31 +1-22.230.45-12.23
San Francisco31 32 +1-36.370.52-17.38
Cleveland32 29 -3-40.520.57-17.42

How are NFL Power Rankings compiled?

* Power Rankings for NFL are updated at the conclusion of each weeks play. Ranks are based on rolling past 10 games overall, early in the season, this date range reaches back to regular-season games of the previous year.

NFL Power Rankings Explained

Standings only tell part of the story for fans who like to bet on the NFL. A first-place team may have a lousy defense, but lucked into a 3-0 record by playing three teams even worse than themselves. However, beating the point spread requires the whole story - what are the stat strengths and weaknesses of each team and how can you exploit that data to find edges for your NFL bets? Check out the NFL Power Rankings here at OddsShark.com to get the REAL standings as you handicap the NFL football odds. See below the ratings chart for details on how we create the power ranks.

If you are a regular OddsShark.com visitor, you know how many different types of stats and comparative numbers are crunched on a daily basis to help you make sense of the NFL stats and odds. There are sortable stats for team offense, time of possession, most ATS wins, points per game, how each National Football League team ranks in home and road scoring and more. We include home and road rushing and passing yards data, along with important indicators of offensive success like how many yards they generate per play. We weave in turnover ratio, penalties-per-game and more stats to calculate an overall NFL offensive power number.

We run the same math on the relevant defensive stats: yards per play allowed, each team's rank against the run and defending the passing game. This helps create an overall power number, which we then calibrate against a strength-of-schedule multiplier. If Buffalo has played four 0-4 teams, their NFL power rank is unlikely to be as high as the 0-4 Chiefs who have played four stronger teams.

Of note, the rankings will be different from other power ranking systems because we weight the data over a rolling 10-game date range. We don't start from scratch in Week 1, we look back 10 regular-season games to give a bigger sample of data. And we feel it is a more accurate reflection of true power if we consider only the past 10 games, not a full 16-game schedule. As the games continue, the value of NFL power rankings here at OddsShark.com will emerge and you will find yourself checking in weekly before making your football bets. The goal is to find legitimate comparisons between teams and then to find line value associated with stat edges you discover. And we focus on a smaller batch of games as a team's quality of play over the past few weeks is more important than something they did way back in Week 1.

Good luck with your NFL handicapping!