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Tablet Betting Sites

Tablet sports betting is exactly what it sounds like – placing bets on sports on a Web-capable tablet device. iPads and Android tablet devices are capable of displaying sports betting apps and websites, and they’re about as common as smartphones. Certainly, a tablet is as much a status symbol as the latest and greatest iPhone or Android OS-powered mobile gadget.


iPhone Sports Betting Sites

iPhone sports betting essentially means using your Apple-designed mobile phone to place sports bets. The story of iPhone gambling is fascinating if you’re a fan of Apple products. Years ago, Apple had a very firm policy against allowing the release of apps that provide real-money gambling. In recent years, Apple quietly changed that policy.


Blackberry Betting Sites

Blackberry sports betting means placing wagers on sports through Web-based sports betting services on a Blackberry device. Released in 1999, the Blackberry was the first smartphone-like device to catch on in a big way around the world, thanks mostly to the businessmen who used it as both a status symbol and a communication and networking tool.


iPad Betting Sites

iPad sports betting essentially means using your iPad tablet to place sports bets over the Internet. Web-based sports betting is nothing new – the first Web-based sportsbooks started taking bets in the mid-1990’s. Using a mobile device like a tablet isn’t  new either – mobile gambling has been around in America for about five years now. What’s new? Improved technology and new ways to access Web-based sports bets using the iPad


Android Betting Sites

Android sports betting essentially means using your Android phone to wager on sports. There’s two basic ways to do that – by loading a mobile-capable sportsbook website on your browser or by downloading and playing purpose-built betting apps. Unlike their main smartphone and tablet competitor Apple, Android doesn’t build software that’s bundled with hardware.


Sports Betting Bonuses

Sports betting bonuses are promotions run by bookmakers as a marketing tool. These bonuses usually take the form of offers of free cash just for signing up, or for depositing a certain amount of money or placing a specific wager. Bonuses are the online version of casino comps – perks designed to draw in more business.

Bonuses have been a part of the online sportsbook industry since its inception. Though bonuses have changed over the years, the basic premise is the same. Sportsbooks throw bonus offers around as their primary means of advertisement.


Money Order Betting Sites

Money orders are a method of payment similar to checks, where a piece of paper acts in the place of actual cash for a specified amount. The biggest difference between the two is that money orders don’t require a bank account, and they can be obtained at various locations such as post offices and convenience stores.


Email Money Transfer Betting Sites

An email money transfer is a retail banking service that allows funds to be transferred from one personal account to another via an online banking service and email. The service is available to any resident of Canada who happens to bank at one of the following financial institutions: TD Canada Trust, Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Nova Scotia, and the Bank of Montreal.


Direct Bank Transfer Betting Sites

Residents of the United Kingdom can rely on direct bank transfer betting sites to help them fund their sportsbook and online casino accounts. This safe and secure method is known by a number of names in the UK, including the following: BT, IBAN payment, BACS payment, wire transfer, and bank account clearing system payment.


Check Betting Sites

Check betting sites are popular around the globe, although the spelling “cheque” may be used in some parts of the world. This method of deposit issues a piece of paper or electronic check that’s tied to your banking account, and the receiving party only needs to cash it in order to gain access to the funds.



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