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You have read their articles and enjoyed their insights, now learn a bit more about the men behind the keyboards here at Trusted as news sources for the odds section and accorded full 'Writer' status there, this team of sports writers has articles and quotes gracing websites and magazines around the world covering every facet of the gaming industry.

Jack Randall

A throwback to the old days when men handled their problems like men and it was still cool to be tough. Formerly a writer with, Jack brings his expertise in hockey and the fight game to OddsShark. Whether it’s analysis of the annual war on ice – the Stanley Cup playoffs – or the regular wars in the ring or the Octagon in boxing or mixed martial arts, Jack brings his unique insights and experience. He will also keep an eye on hockey lines, MMA odds and other wagering opportunities so that you can do something with your new-found knowledge.

‘Tough times call for tough measures – or something like that. I like tough guys and tough sports and I know what to expect when pretenders show up for battle. Check out my archive of hockey and fight articles.'

Mark ‘The King’ Presley

Elvis never played basketball and neither did Mark Presley. But ‘The King’ follows the hoops game closer than anyone, rarely missing a trick in the NBA or college basketball. So when you are looking for the most current information from the hard court, the latest insights into the day’s top matchups and an edge on which team will cover the NBA spread, Mark is the man. Mark will provides exclusive articles to in season and keeps tabs on basketball future odds during the offseason to ensure you don’t miss the boat on any money-making opportunities.

‘I’m pleased to bring my basketball handicapping expertise and knowledge of hoops to They say the NBA is the toughest sport to beat, but I’m not so sure. There are tendencies and patterns that the keen observer can exploit.’

Mike Pickett

Mike Pickett cut his journalistic teeth in hockey editorial, but after a successful run hitting NFL picks and beating the college football line he is one to watch (and read). A fantasy hockey expert at heart, he has parlayed that knowledge of player tendencies and team depth charts into a profitable career and a featured position at OddsShark. After winning several major fantasy championships he turned to wagering on sports. From the first NFL preseason game in August to the Super Bowl in February – and every college football game in between – Mike offers up analysis that is outside the mainstream pigskin preview realm.

‘It’s pretty easy to regurgitate what passes for football ‘insights’ these days. I drill down past the obvious, zero in on the few truly significant angles and situations of the week and look for edges in my NFL picks. Whether you agree or disagree or whether I win or lose, you will agree we are digging into important areas of football handicapping that are often ignored.’

Dave Harrison

A veteran of the sports journalism world, Dave brings a varied background to OddsShark. Not only has he written for dozens of sports handicapping sites on baseball and soccer wagering, but he’s also parlayed several trips to the World Series of Poker into a successful poker career. When the Champions League or World Cup are hogging headlines and you have no clue about soccer matchups, Dave will provide all the cheat sheets you need to profit from it. And all summer long, the best advice on baseball wagering comes straight off Dave’s pen and onto the pages here at OddsShark. Not sure how to tell a runline from a moneyline and not sure which one is the best bet? Dave stays on top of baseball developments for you.

‘It’s a tough grind trying to make a career out of playing poker or picking baseball winners. My pledge is to help make it easier for everyone who came after me. There are lots of pitfalls and lots of opportunities in baseball, soccer and poker and I have explored most of them along the way, some while seated across from the biggest stars in the business'

Jason Green

Our roving European soccer correspondent, Jason travels the continent watching games in all the major leagues and reporting on team tendencies and weaknesses. Full soccer coverage has arrived at, and information on key soccer battles, breakdowns of the biggest tournaments including the World Cup, and other footy knowledge flows from Jason's pen. As well, Jason maintains a keen eye on entertainment and political events, reporting on unique odds in those fields as part of OddsShark's complete betting coverage.

‘Soccer is the most-watched and most-bet-on game on earth, and with so many leagues you need someone with a broad knowledge. That’s what I aim to bring to OddsShark.’

Dean Stone

If you have ever wondered which casino table game offers you the best odds of winning and which games are stacked against you, Dean is the guy to give you the straight deal. A semi-pro poker player and casino aficionado, Dean handles much of the writing for the poker and casino sections here at OddsShark. Making the final table at the 2007 World Series of Poker media event, Dean continues to make a name for himself at the poker tables while also offering tutorials and tips for people sitting around blackjack tables.

‘Poker is a marathon, not a sprint, and being in the game a few years really drives home that point. Patience and experience can’t be taught, but basic poker odds and smart table manners can help you win more hands. That’s why I’m at – to help more hands go your way.’

Mike Dempsey

Think about what 30 years of wisdom and experience could do for you in your current job. Mike Dempsey is one of the most knowledgeable horsemen in America and he’s also one of the sport’s true good guys. He knows the industry inside and out, from the smallest races in California to the biggest races in the world in the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup. He’ll provide exclusive articles for readers, advising them on horse wagering news and opportunities and dropping some of his free picks along the way.

‘Running has been a labor of love for me, handicapping and writing about the sport I love. Whether you’re a once-a-year Kentucky Derby bettor, a weekend horse betting warrior or a daily track player, I have something for everyone.’