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A-K or Big Slick Odds

A-K, or “Big Slick” as it’s better known, is a strong hand that usually gives you favorable odds to win in a poker hand. The odds of getting dealt this hand are 82/1, or a little more than 1.2% on average of the total hands you’ll be dealt.

Against any other two cards that are not a pair, Big Slick will give you odds of between 60% and 65% to win. Against a pair that’s smaller than kings or aces, Big Slick gets odds to win the hand that are essentially even. But up against a pair of kings, Big Slick’s chances to win drop dramatically, to almost 2/1. And up against a pair of aces the hand is a big underdog at 7.7/1.

Big Slick is a strong hand that can be played aggressively. Your odds of hitting either an ace or king on the flop when you have Big Slick are 2.1/1. As long as you’re not up against a big pocket pair, the odds to win the hand are either in your favor, or you’re getting even odds against a smaller pair.

Big slick also holds other advantages. If you hit a straight when you have Big Slick, you will have the nut straight. If you hit a flush with Big Slick-suited, you will have the nut flush, barring someone having a straight flush. If you hit a pair with Big Slick, it will have top pair with the top kicker, and if no one in the hand makes at least a pair, your Big Slick will take down the hand with the high card most of the time.

Sometimes new players can over-play Big Slick before the flop comes. If you find yourself in a spot where two or more players have shown a lot of aggression before the flop, there’s a good chance you might be up against a big pocket pair, making you a big underdog to win the hand. Find the discipline to let the Big Slick go and wait for a better time to use this strong hand to your advantage.