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World Cup Wagering Paradise

Soccer is not a tough game to bet on, as typically a moneyline is used and they also use a regular line and we will look at both, as well as the other betting options you have when wagering on soccer.


We will look at a Group C match up on Saturday for an example when the USA faces England in the first World Cup match for each team. The moneyline at Bovada has England at -200 the USA at +485 and a draw at +325.


The – before the team means they are the favorite so, obviously, the + in front of a team means the underdog.

In this example if you bet on England you are risking $20 to win $10, if you bet on USA you will win $48.50 for every $10 you bet, and if you bet the draw you will win $32.50 for every $10 you bet. If the match in the World Cup goes to extra time the bet you make will be determined by the outcome of the match at the end of regular time. So, if you bet on Brazil to beat Spain and the game is tied at the end of regulation, but they win in extra time you will still lose.

There are also over/under totals for betting on soccer and it is usually 2, 2.5, or 3 goals. Each total will have a moneyline for the Over and Under.

Regular Line

You will also see regular lines, which are pretty easy to understand. The line for the USA vs. England match is:

USA – 6.5
England – 1.5
Draw 3.50

In this example you simply multiply the amount you bet by the line. So if you bet $10 on the USA and they pull off the upset you will win $65 and if you bet $20 on England you will win $10. Pretty simple right?

There are tons of other bets that you can make when wagering on the World Cup. You cannot only bet on individual matches, but there are futures bets and proposition bets as well.

In futures bet you can bet on how a team or player will do. For example you can bet on Spain to win the World Cup and since Bovada has them at +400 you will win $40 if you bet $10 on Spain and they go on to win the World Cup. There are also other futures bets you can make such as the group winner and which player will win the Golden Boot (scores the most goals in the World Cup) to just name two.

There are also many proposition bets you can make such as how a team finishes in a group, the exact order of finish of a group, teams that will be in the finals or semis, and which teams will not make it to the knockout phase. These are just a few examples of prop bets that you can make, as there are a ton. There are player, team, and individual prop bets that you can make and you can see many of them by checking out Bovada.

There are some online sportsbooks that you allow to bet on the match while it is happening with changing odds depending on the score and how much time has elapsed. You can also wager on the exact score of a match on how you think the match will end.