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  • Super Bowl 22

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:43am

    Doug Williams, who began the season as Washington's backup quarterback, threw four touchdown passes in the second quarter alone, sparking the...

  • Super Bowl 21

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:42am

    Quarterback Phil Simms set a new Super Bowl record for passing accuracy by hitting on 22 of 25 throws, including three for scores, as the New York...

  • Super Bowl 20

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:40am

    For just the fourth time in Super Bowl history two teams were making their Super Bowl debut against each other when the Chicago Bears took on the New...

  • Super Bowl 19

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:39am

    Two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL were set to do battle in Super Bowl XIX between the San Francisco 49ers and the Miami Dolphins. The stage was...

  • Super Bowl 18

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:37am

    The Washington Redskins entered Super Bowl XVIII at Tampa Stadium in Tampa, Florida looking for their second straight Super Bowl title after winning...

  • Super Bowl 17

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:35am

    Coming at the end of an NFL season shortened to nine games due to a player strike, Super Bowl XVII turned out to be a rematch of Super Bowl VII ten...

  • Super Bowl 16

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:33am

    For the first time since Super Bowl III both teams playing in Super Bowl XVI were making their first Super Bowl appearance as the San Francisco 49ers...

  • Super Bowl 15

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:32am

    The Philadelphia Eagles made their first Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl XV going up against the Oakland Raiders, who had won it all in Super...

  • Super Bowl 14

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:31am

    The Pittsburgh Steelers were making their second straight Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl XIV and their fourth appearance in the championship...

  • Super Bowl 13

    Jack RandallThu, Dec 4, 9:29am

    The Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida played host to Super Bowl XIII which was the third Super Bowl in four years to feature the Dallas Cowboys. This...