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About the SuperContest

The Westgate SuperContest will give NFL handicappers the chance to battle it out for a six-figure cash prize once again this season, with the ever-expanding ATS event attracting over 1,700 entries in 2015 and paying out over $900,000 to the winner plus $2.5 million in total prizes.

The rules of the SuperContest are straightforward – every week entrants pick five NFL games against the spread (based on a line set by the SuperBook), and for every correct pick the entrant earns a single point for the standings. End up with a push against the spread? That's worth a half a point. When the season is over, whoever has the most points is the winner.

And the winner in 2015 ended up being $914,175 richer after claiming both the first-place prize of $906,675 and splitting the $15,000 bonus for picking winners at least 67% of the time with second-place finisher Olguita. The second-place prize in 2015 was $362,670, which is 14% of the prize pool, while the third-place finisher walked away with $181,335 last year. With the Top 50 spots paid out, No. 39-51 each earned $2,989.05 in a 13-way tie, nearly doubling their money.

In 2015, six points separated first place from 13th place, with champion Rounding Again going 59-23-3 for 60.5 points, and the six entrants tied for eighth place picking up 54.5 points on the season (and $54,832.25). The LVH SuperContest standings were not too close at the top, with Rounding Again beating the second-place finisher by three points and the third-place finisher by 3.5 points. The entrants tied for fourth in the standings were 4.5 points behind the champion.

Entries for the 2016 SuperContest started getting accepted on July 1, and the deadline for entering the SuperContest is September 10 at 11 a.m. (PT). Those that enter before September 5 by 4 p.m. are also eligible to compete in a Mini Contest with an increased prize of $20,000, which runs in the final three weeks of the NFL season. Entrants can also head to Las Vegas for the fifth annual SuperContest Weekend on August 26-27, when six free contest entries will be up for grabs. That weekend also includes a handicapping seminar to help you make the most of your entry.

The entry fee for the SuperContest is $1,500, entrants must be 21 years old, and 92% of the fees are paid out at the end of the season. You can submit up to two entries and your picks are due by 11 am on Saturday – miss the deadline and you get zero points for the week, which would not help your chances in The World's Ultimate Pro Football Handicapping Contest.

Over $2.5 million was handed out in 2015 in the LVH SuperContest, which is billed as the world's ultimate pro football handicapping contest.

The History of the SuperContest

Run by the SuperBook in Las Vegas, over 1,000 entries were accepted in 2013 for the weekly NFL betting picks contest that just keeps getting bigger every year. And 2016 is expected to be the biggest year yet for the competition.

Back in 2004, the SuperContest had 411 entries, and the first-place prize was split three ways between Letitridesports.com, Group A, and Tiger Wilson, all of whom put up 52.5 points on the season and collected $131,520 for their handicapping savvy. In 2005 it was Blue Team that walked away as the solo winner, earning $303,000 in a contest that attracted 505 entries.

First-place shares for the next six years were then $249,600, $205,200, $210,000, $196,800, $207,000, and $310,200, and the SuperContest then exploded in 2012 with 745 entries with contest champion Al Sr. grabbing the first-place prize of $447,000 after putting up 57.5 points.

In 2013, the SuperContest went to another level once again, attracting 1,034 entries with the winner David Frohardt-Lane putting up 57 points en route to taking home the first-place prize of $542,850 plus a $15,000 bonus for selecting 67% or better winners on the season. In 2014, CH Ballers set an all-time SuperContest record with 76% winners, going 64-20-1 for 64.5 points to win $740,325. In 2015, Rounding Again won the biggest grand prize ever of $914,175 with 60.5 points (59-23-3).

The Westgate SuperContest has entrants pick five NFL games against the spread each week against a line set by the SuperBook. A winning pick is then worth a single point, while a push gives you just half a point. At the end of the season the entrant with the most points in the SuperContest wins the top prize – which is 35% of the total pot for the contest. The entry fee is $1,500, so if there are 2,071 entries for the contest this year then the first-place prize will be over $1 million.

And while entries for the 2016 SuperContest started getting accepted back on July 1, the fifth annual SuperContest weekend in Las Vegas is set for August 26-27 – with six free contest entries up for grabs and a handicapping seminar on the schedule. The final deadline for entering the SuperContest is September 10 at 11 a.m., after which you're out of luck for this NFL season.