OddsShark Super Computer

Advanced statistics and number-crunching computers have become all the rage in sports, whether it be pro athletes using them to justify huge salary demands, fantasy sports nerds using them to get an edge with their draft list or sports bettors who want to take the subjective elements out of their handicapping methods.

What does that mean? Your opinion of the home-field strength of your favorite football team or your fantasy man-crush on your favorite running back should not sway your decision on which to bet on. And that’s what the Odds Shark super computer does and that is why it was entered in the LVH Super Contest for 2014 – to prove that stats and algorithms can produce unbiased picks and find true statistical edges.

The super computer was launched before the 2012 NFL season and its early results were poor. By mid-season however, enough stats and boxscore data was available for the computer to start finding its way and its against-the-spread record improved dramatically. Interestingly, it seemed to be even better at picking over-under winners.

In 2013, numerous refinements were added, new stats, new tweaks to the formulas, slight changes to the weighting we gave certain categories. It was a crazy year for NFL betting with online sportsbooks beating up the betting public many weeks but the Odds Shark super computer held its own. It went 167-99 making picks on every single game and the plan is to refine that number significantly for the LVH (now called Westgate Las Vegas) contest.

Each week, our team of handicappers and expert analysts will choose the best five computer picks from the list 16. Those will be entered in the SuperContest and we’ll see if our off-season refinements make a big difference. We’ll compare our results with a dozen or so top bloggers and media analysts and football picks gurus that we have invited to challenge us.

So watch for the Odds Shark super contest predictions and check here for the standings each week.

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Week Picks Record
1 Bills, Patriots, Saints, 49ers, Chiefs - Details 2-3
2 Bengals, Patriots, Seahawks, 49ers, Saints  - Details 2-3
3 Rams, Eagles, Bengals, Cardinals, Broncos - Details 2-3
4 Eagles, Steelers, Falcons, Saints, Patriots - Details 1-4
5 Steelers, Chargers, Eagles, Buccaneers, Colts - Details 4-1
6 Broncos, Chargers, Bengals, Packers, 49ers - Details 2-3
7 Seahawks, Browns, 49ers, Titans, Vikings - Details 2-3
8 Chargers, Eagles, Bills, Seahawks, Redskins - Details 2-3
9 Chargers, Redskins, Patriots, Steelers, Colts - Details 3-2
10 Cowboys, Chiefs, Steelers, Cardinals, Packers - Details 4-1
11 Seahawks, Broncos, Lions, Patriots, Steelers - Details 1-4
12 Texans, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Redskins, Cowboys - Details 2-3
13 Eagles, Seahawks, Bengals, Raiders, Patriots - Details 2-3
14 Colts, Texans, Chiefs, Seahawks, Patriots - Details 3-2
15 Giants, Packers, Vikings, Titans, Broncos - Details 3-2
16 Lions, Patriots, Colts, Cardinals, Broncos - Details 0-5
17 Eagles, Rams, Jaguars, Lions, Cardinals - Details 3-2