Manning Has Added Motivation for SB50

Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is a future Hall-of-Famer, an NFL legend and one of the most respected players in pro football. So, besides riding into the retirement sunset on top, what other kind of incentive does the 39-year-old have in Super Bowl 50 if his Denver Broncos can prevail over the Carolina Panthers? Cash money, of course. A lot of it.


The Most Exotic Exotic Props For SB 50

The Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest event for football fans; it’s the biggest event for bettors as well. With an event so big, you would be silly to think that books would stick to the usual totals and player props.

Exotic props have become a tradition just like Super Bowl ads. Both offer a wide variety of ridiculousness and head scratching, while ultimately proving all too entertaining to avoid.

So we have gathered the weirdest of the weird, the strangest of the stage, the exotic-est (?) of the exotic props into one list.


Super Bowl National Anthem Prop Odds

*Update - We timed Lady Gaga's anthem at approximately 2 minutes, 21 seconds. This unofficial time is OVER the total set by most sportsbooks.

From Barry Manilow to Garth Brooks, the Dixie Chicks to Renee Fleming, over the years The Star-Spangled Banner has been performed at the Super Bowl by a wide range of artists covering all musical genres.

Nover: Origin of the Super Bowl Prop Bet

In between Super Bowl proposition bets such as what color Beyonce's footwear will be and if Donald Trump's name will be mentioned during the broadcast there actually will be a football game played between Carolina and Denver on Sunday.

Just how did all of these hundreds of off-the-wall Super Bowl props start anyways? I can tell you because I witnessed it first-hand.


Will this be the Most Bet Super Bowl Ever?

Las Vegas

Last year during the weekend of Super Bowl XLIX as I ambled through a parlay of sportsbooks from one end of Las Vegas to the other, I noticed something was a little different than in my past visits there.

Pony tails. Lots of ‘em. And I don’t mean man buns either.


Super Bowl 50 Cross Sport Props

Sportsbooks are always upping their game when it comes to Super Bowl props, and this year’s version of the big game is no different. Among the long list of other options, online shop Bovada is offering a selection of cross sport props that will surely interest bettors who are looking to mix and match outside football’s biggest contest.

The list varies from the NHL to the NBA to the PGA to the Barclays Premier League to the United States Presidential election. Needless to say, your bases are covered.


Campbell: Is SB 50 Underdog's Game?

Everything from line moves to timing your bets – Vegas Matty and Jon Campbell break down their best advice for Super Bowl 50 in the video above.

Or check out Campbell’s interview with Randall the Handle and Jorey Middlestadt on their popular betting show The Bottom Line on Sportsnet’s Fan590 to talk Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, Jan. 31.

They cover why the books are worried this Super Bowl, how the proof is in the money that sports betting is more popular than ever, plus how to avoid mistakes rookies make when betting props.


Super Bowl 50 Rushing Props

C.J. Anderson Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 NFL

The Carolina Panthers feature one of the most dangerous rushing attacks in the NFL, finishing second in the regular season with 2,282 yards (142.6 yards per game) off a league-high 526 attempts on the ground and finished tied for the league lead with 19 touchdowns.

That success has carried over into the postseason as the Panthers have scampered for 296 yards (3.8 yards per attempt) and five touchdowns en route to their Super Bowl appearance.


Super Bowl 50 Receiving Props

Greg Olsen Carolina Panthers Super Bowl 50 NFL

While Super Bowl 50 features one of the best quarterbacks of all time going up against one of the best in the game today, they still need to throw the ball to somebody to rack up all of those gaudy numbers as well as all the plaudits.

We’ve already taken a look at ways you can wager quarterback props in Sunday’s big game, so now let’s take a look at some of the receiving props that are available on the prop board.


Nover: Sportsbooks in Danger for SB50?

Only twice have Nevada sportsbooks lost money on a Super Bowl game since the state gaming control board started tracking betting action in 1991.

It's estimated Nevada won more than $134 million from Super Bowls during this span with the only losing Super Bowls being in 2008 when the New York Giants upset New England and in 1995 when San Francisco covered an 18.5-point spread against San Diego.

But if the Carolina Panthers were to beat the Denver Broncos by five or six points, sportsbooks could be in danger of losing in Super Bowl 50.



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