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Super Bowl Favorites Seldom Win

In each of the past five NFL preseasons, either the Indianapolis Colts or the New England Patriots (and in 2009 it was both) have been the Super Bowl favorite.

History tells us that only once in those five seasons did the preseason favorite actually win (Super Bowl XLII, Colts over Bears). That means history tells us there should be value to be had betting Super Bowl futures.

Last year, the Packers entered the season at 10/1 odds, slightly behind the Colts at 8/1. So a $100 wager on the Packers last September would have paid $1,000 in February.


NFL Preseason Betting Preview

Preseason NFL pointspreads almost never go higher than 3.5 to 4 points – so what the hell is going on in St. Louis that the Rams moved to 7.5-point chalk against the Colts?

Sure it's the preseason and sure the Rams have lots of motivation to start well while the Colts are just trying to settle into their usual winning routine. But 7.5 points?


NFL Drug Testing May Affect Odds

NFL drug testing is being praised as an important step in player health and rooting out cheaters but it may have a spinoff impact in an unlikely area - sports betting.

While the NFL testing program will take samples on game days this season, presumably test results won't be returned before game time, making a player ineligible that day. But what if the league commences morning testing and can flag players before night games?

What if a player figures he might get caught and declares himself inactive at the last minute due to some other injury or cause?


NFL Preseason Betting Strategies and Tips

Unlike other sports where there is very little appetite for betting on exhibition games, NFL preseason betting remains a big part of a football handicapper’s regime.

Since the NFL is king among sports bettors, even the exhibition schedule attracts fan interest. The fact that there is significant money to be made for bettors who pay attention to free agency, training camps and holdouts have bolstered its appeal in recent years.


NFL: Betting against the public

NFL betting is the grand daddy of them all in sports betting circles, and in recent years, a new strategy has emerged that has professional handicappers and sharp bettors cashing winning tickets.

It’s quite simple: Betting against the public (or the consensus) can be profitable.

Bettors spend hours on end pouring over every last statistical detail and betting trend, but it could be the case you need only one number to make a solid wager. Follow NFL line moves and you don’t even need to know the odds and key stats in order to be successful most weeks.


Halftime betting strategies and tips

Halftime betting is available in football and basketball, and it’s becoming a key staple for NFL bettors looking to stay ahead of the books.

Lines on the second half of action are typically available at the end or near the end of the first half, leaving bettors with precious little time to do some rapid-fire handicapping and make a wager.

You’ll have little or no time to cap the teams, and you probably won’t have time to shop around for the sharpest number, but you do have one distinct advantage: You’ve seen the two teams in question play the first half.


Strategy for Betting Over Unders

The pointspread gets all the glory in NFL betting, but betting totals is often where lies the gravy train.

Totals are also the simplest form of NFL betting: If the two teams score more combined points than the listed total, the ‘over’ is the winner. If the teams score fewer combined points than the posted number, the ‘under’ is the winning bet. Pretty easy, right? [ See the latest NFL over under lines ]


Live NFL Betting: gambling wave of future

If the last decade has been about the establishment of online sportsbooks, then the latest wave in NFL betting is wagering of the live variety.

With sportsbooks always looking to push the envelope for new revenue streams and with the development web technologies keeping pace, live betting is the new ‘have-to’ of every smart and engaged NFL bettor.


Betting NFL Season Win Totals

Spreads, totals, and futures are all the rage in NFL betting, but season win totals are gaining popularity among NFL bettors. That’s especially the case with the 2011 season just around the corner.

Keep in mind that a listed season win total isn’t a prediction by oddsmakers, but a number designed to attract action on both the ‘over’ and the ‘under’. With that piece of knowledge as a guiding principle, there’s value to be had betting season win totals.


Why NFL prop betting can be profitable

NFL betting is often centered on the spread and the total, but the proliferation of online sportsbooks – and football fantasy leagues – has made proposition betting a go-to for pigskin bettors.

Fantasy football experts have become so saavy with statistics that they can beat the oddsmakers’ player prop odds from week to week. As long as you learn how to pick your spots – and do your research – prop betting can be profitable for you, too.



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