The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a luxury hotel and casino that opened in 2010. Situated on the famous Las Vegas Strip, it cost almost $4 billion to construct and offers guests 110,000 square feet of casino gaming and 2,995 hotel rooms.


Vegas Casino Credit

Vegas casino credit is available in three distinct forms, and each of them allows you to gamble without having to carry a big wad of cash in your wallet. In this article, we’ll examine the credit options available to players, as well as looking at some of the pros and cons.

Three Forms of Vegas Credit

While some casinos may not offer any form of credit to player, it’s not unreasonable to expect one or all of the following to be available:


High Limit Casinos

The first thing that we need to do is determine a rough estimate for what constitutes a high limit casino. As you may know, you can probably find a casino in Las Vegas or elsewhere to take just about any level of action. There have been numerous stories of million dollar wagers placed in Las Vegas. I feel it is pretty safe to say that you won’t find anywhere online that will accept a wager quite that large. Of course the number of people who have a million dollars that they want to gamble with is relatively small, so let’s consider what this means for the rest of us.


Android Casinos

It seems like every phone or tablet I take a look at that isn’t an Apple product is powered by a version of Android. Of course that isn’t quite 100% accurate because there are still Blackberry and Windows powered devices, but Android is definitely a popular option for the mobile market. This is good news for those of us who have Android device and want to play casino games on the go. Continue reading to learn more about Android casinos, their games and other details.


Online Casinos South America

Online casinos are legal in most parts of South America. Though that is the case in the general sense, the continent is a patchwork of jurisdictions, so gamblers face a complicated legal situation when wanting to gamble online in South America. Twelve sovereign states and two non-sovereign areas exert legal authority over stretches of the continent.


Online Casinos European Union

The online casino laws of the European Union are supposed to create fair and standard laws throughout most of Europe. In reality, the EU has a hard time enforcing its standards with countries which do not want to comply.

The European Gaming & Betting Association and the European Commission each have tried at times to impose their will on the individual states in the European Union. While those regulatory agencies have had their share of victories, most national leaders continue to develop policy according to their own whims.


Vegas Casino Hosts

Vegas casino hosts are valued by players for their ability to bestow free items. These men and women can often be seen walking the floor of the casino, smiling and shaking hands as they go. While their primary responsibility may include millionaire gamblers, hosts also take the time to ensure that penny slots players are also taken care of.


Venetian Palazzo

The Venetian and the Palazzo, both owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, combine to form the largest hotel in the world with over 4,000 available rooms. The Venetian, designed in the style of Venice, Italy, opened in 1999, while the Italian-themed Palazzo started operation in 2007.


Wynn Encore

The Wynn Las Vegas and the Encore Las Vegas are often regarded as two distinct resort casinos, but at the same time they’re also connected. Whether viewed together or separate, the Wynn/Encore forms a potent duo that holds more five-star awards from Forbes than any other hotel on the planet.


Casino Guide

They say the best odds for a casino player is at the blackjack table, where the house edge can be as little as .5%. Coincidentally, it’s also one of the most fun and most popular casino games.

But when do you stand and when is the best time to double down? Which games at your favorite online casino offer the best odds and how do you play them?



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