Stewart Wins SuperContest Mini Contest

Kelly Stewart loves the haters.


CH Ballers Claim the 2014 SuperContest

CH Ballers won the 2014 SuperContest at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook in record fashion Sunday, smashing the previous mark of 60.5 points set by Sans Souci in 2011 by four games.


Westgate Super Contest Week 17 Results

Kelly Stewart from completed a remarkable 14-1 run over the last three weeks of the NFL season by going 4-1 on Sunday to win the $15,000 Mini Contest as part of the SuperContes


Super Contest Week 17 Computer Picks

So much for a fast finish. The Odds Shark computer was 8-8 ATS overall in Week 16 but we picked five losers for the Westgate Super Contest.

On the bright side, two Team Odds Shark members – Nick Kostos and Kelly Stewart – went 5-0 for the second straight week, leaving them in the running for the $15,000 for the final three weeks of the season.

We go with all dogs in Week 17 to salvage some pride. [ Watch for the latest Week 17 dog lines at Bovada ]


Westgate Super Contest Week 16 Results

Heading into the final week of the SuperContest at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook the cream seems to have risen to the top among Team OddsShark, with six of the seven members who went 3-2 or better in Week 16 now residing in the upper half of the group standings.


Super Contest Week 16 Computer Picks

The Odds Shark prediction computer is 44-19 SU the past four weeks as the machine keeps up its momentum in the second half of the season (as it usually does).

But the ATS hasn’t been great, and the selection process for our best five picks for the WestGate Super Contest hasn’t been great either. We were 3-2 in Week 15 and seek out our first 5-0 ATS sweep here in a week with a ton of big home dogs.


Westgate Super Contest Week 15 Results

Team OddsShark turned in its best performance of the 2014 SuperContest in Week 15, with 10 of the 12 members going 2-2-1 or better.


Super Contest Week 15 Computer Picks

The Westgate Super Contest title is out of reach for the Odds Shark Super Computer (which was 12-3 ATS last week) but it can still win the late-season challenge (best record over final three weeks).

With that in mind and while aiming for a 5-0 ATS sweep, we check the best of the computer plays for Week 15.


Westgate Super Contest Week 14 Results

The OddsShark Prediction Computer was one of only four Team OddsShark members to post a winning record in Week 14 of the SuperContest at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.


Super Contest Week 14 Computer Picks

The Westgate Super Contest leaders are far ahead of the Odds Shark computer, which continues to have a significant winning edge for the season.

Regardless, the computer has three road faves and two near PK games picked correctly in Week 14, so we share with the class.

The contest also features a $15,000 prize to the contestant who does the best over the final three weeks, so why not get ready for a 15-0 ATS closing streak?



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