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2016-17 NBA Regular Season Win Totals

The 2016-17 NBA season is drawing closer, and Las Vegas is gearing up for another exciting year on the hardwood. On September 20, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook released regular season win totals for every team in the Association.

Here’s a look at the squads that have the best and worst odds in the upcoming hoops campaign, as well as which ones provide the most value for sports bettors:

Top Five


NBA Northwest Division Odds: The Times They are a Changin'

In a dramatic changing of the guard, the NBA’s Northwest Division will be one of the most intriguing storylines of the 2016-17 season.

Gone are the days of the Oklahoma City Thunder nabbing the favorite label. The Utah Jazz – yes, those Utah Jazz – are +200 favorites to claim the Northwest at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. That’s especially interesting when you consider the Jazz haven’t made the playoffs since 2011-12 and have been only a blip on the radar as a contender in recent memory.


NBA Pacific Division Odds: Two-Team Race Out West

When it comes to betting the NBA’s Pacific Division, you essentially have two options: the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The biggest sportsbook in Sin City, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, has released divisional odds for 2016-17 and it’s no surprise to see which club is out in front. Good luck finding any value in backing the Warriors, though. The shop has tabbed Golden State as -4000 chalk to win the Pacific, meaning you have to risk $100 to win $2.50. It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see how it plays out.


NBA Central Division Odds: It's Good to Be King

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how good the Cleveland Cavaliers are.

The Cavs found themselves in a 3-1 hole to the Golden State Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, but proceeded to make history by rattling off three wins in a row to bring a championship to Northeast Ohio for the first time since 1964. It was the first time in NBA history that a team came back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals.


NBA Southwest Division Odds: It's the Spurs and Everyone Else

The NBA’s Southwest Division used to be known for its competitiveness, but those days appear to be gone.

The San Antonio Spurs, who have made the playoffs for an amazing 19 straight seasons, are hefty -700 chalk to win the Southwest this year at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook. The Spurs never seem to go away; they simply retool and come back stronger than before.


NBA Southeast Division Odds: Parity Abounds

The NBA’s Southeast Division always features one of the most competitive races in the league, and the battle for the title in the 2016-17 season will be no different.

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook was the first book in Sin City to release divisional futures, and their oddsmakers are expecting the Atlanta Hawks to recapture the crown this year.


NBA Atlantic Division Odds: the Celtics are Back

Historically, the Boston Celtics have dominated the Atlantic Division. According to the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, they’re the front-runners to do it again in the 2016-17 NBA campaign.

The shop has tabbed the Celtics as -110 favorites, with the Toronto Raptors (+125), New York Knicks (+800), Philadelphia 76ers (+3500) and Brooklyn Nets (+20000) behind them.


2017 NBA Finals Matchup Odds

Do you think you know which teams will meet in the 2017 NBA Finals? Thanks to one online sportsbook, you can put your money where your mouth is.

At 5Dimes, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are +133 favorites to clash for the third year in a row. Golden State toppled the injury-plagued Cavaliers in 2015, but the Cavs got some revenge in 2016 after erasing a 3-1 deficit – the first time that’s happened in NBA history.


Golden State Warriors Props: Can They Top 73 Wins?

With the addition of Kevin Durant, the rich got richer in the NBA during the offseason. But will the Golden State Warriors, coming off a record-setting season, become one of the greatest dynasties the league has ever seen? It’s hard to argue against it.

Online sportsbook BetOnline is offering an array of props on the Warriors’ performance with Durant in the fold. Let’s examine them further in-depth.


NBA Eastern Conference Odds: Cleveland Rocks

Cleveland went from being a long-suffering sports city to a city of champions in 2016, and the LeBron James-led Cavaliers are in prime position to keep the dominance going in the upcoming NBA campaign.

If you’re thinking about backing the Cavs to win the Eastern Conference, you’ll have to pay for it. Bovada has given the wine and gold a -250 shot of heading back to the NBA Finals. It’s a lot of chalk, and that number is going to drop if they stumble out of the gate.

Elsewhere, the Boston Celtics (+500), Toronto Raptors (+1400), Atlanta Hawks (+2500) and Chicago Bulls (+2500) are the other teams to beat. Armed with an impressive amount of depth, Boston is going to be a vastly improved bunch in 2016-17. You can thank the hapless Brooklyn Nets and the unforgettable Paul Pierce/Kevin Garnett trade of 2013 for that, Celtics fans.

I’m not quite sure why the Raptors are way back at +1400, but it’s great value nonetheless. Toronto is coming off an impressive postseason showing that saw them take two games from the Cavs in the Eastern Conference final, and they retained one of their key pieces by re-signing longtime shooting guard DeMar DeRozan.

Al Horford departed the Hawks for the Celtics in free agency, which left a gaping hole at center in Atlanta. The Hawks responded by signing the declining Dwight Howard to a three-year, $70.5-million deal. Like Howard, it seems like Atlanta’s best days are behind them. I’d stay away from them when it comes to futures wagers.

As for the Bulls? Unless you’re convinced the ghost of Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo can get the historic franchise back to the NBA’s biggest stage, they’re an afterthought at this point in time.

2017 Eastern Conference Champion Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers-215
Boston Celtics+500
Toronto Raptors+1400
Atlanta Hawks+2500
Chicago Bulls+2500
Indiana Pacers+2800
New York Knicks+2800
Detroit Pistons+4000
Miami Heat+4000
Milwaukee Bucks+4000
Washington Wizards+4000
Orlando Magic+5000
Charlotte Hornets+10000
Philadelphia 76ers+15000
Brooklyn Nets+20000

Odds as of September 14 at Bovada

Archived Articles

The King and his men reign supreme in 2016-17 NBA Eastern Conference futures, and truthfully, would you expect anything else?

At Bovada, the Cleveland Cavaliers are -250 favorites to once again represent the East in the NBA Finals. Fresh off a six-game triumph over the Golden State Warriors, the Cavs will be hungry to repeat and bring Cleveland another title.

Are the Boston Celtics poised to become the No. 2 players in the conference? Oddsmakers think so. The book has tabbed the Celtics with a +500 chance to win the East, which is lightyears ahead of where they were last year. The C's made a splash in free agency by signing former Atlanta Hawks big man Al Horford, and they feature one of the deepest lineups in the Association.

The Toronto Raptors (+1400), Atlanta Hawks (+2500), Chicago Bulls (+2500), Indiana Pacers (+2800), Detroit Pistons (+4000), Miami Heat (+4000) and New York Knicks (+4000) have the next likeliest odds.

Are the Raptors getting disrespected? There's certainly a case to say so. The second-seeded team in the 2016 postseason, the Raps went all the way to the Conference Finals before bowing out to the Cavs in six games. The Raps re-signed All-Star guard DeMar DeRozan and added Jared Sullinger to bolster the power forward spot, so they certainly didn't get worse this summer.

If anyone other than the Cavaliers, Raps or Celtics wins the East it would be a major surprise. The Bulls have been busy, but I'm not sure if adding Rajon Rondo and a creaky Dwyane Wade is a recipe for success. The Hawks replaced Horford with the enigma that is Dwight Howard and the Pacers have a ton of new faces that will take some time to create chemistry.

Take a look at the odds. Where do you think the value is?

2017 Eastern Conference Champion Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers-250
Boston Celtics+500
Toronto Raptors+1400
Atlanta Hawks+2500
Chicago Bulls+2500
Indiana Pacers+2800
Detroit Pistons+4000
Miami Heat+4000
New York Knicks+4000
Milwaukee Bucks+5000
Washington Wizards+5000
Orlando Magic+6600
Charlotte Hornets+10000
Philadelphia 76ers+15000
Brooklyn Nets+20000

Odds as of July 19 at Bovada

Archived Articles

UPDATE: 2016 NBA Conference finals futures are off the board. For championship odds, click here. For NBA series prices, visit this link.

Heading into the second weekend of the NBA playoffs, it's no surprise as to which club is favored in Eastern Conference futures.

The Cleveland Cavaliers remain heavy -275 faves at Bodog to represent the East in the NBA Finals. As of April 22, Cleveland owned a 2-0 stranglehold on their first-round series with the Detroit Pistons.

The second-seeded Toronto Raptors still have the next best chance to accomplish the feat at the shop, but they're far from the biggest movers this week. The Miami Heat have looked extremely impressive against the Charlotte hornets and oddsmakers have taken notice, as the Heat's odds have jumped from +1400 to +750 since the postseason began.

The Atlanta Hawks remain the only other likely candidates at the shop with +800 odds. Boston, Indiana, Charlotte and Detroit all have their work cut out for them to even advance to the next round, however, you can grab them at some extremely long odds if you think one of the squads will surprise.

Do you think the Cavs will have an easy path to the Finals, or do you believe there's value elsewhere? Let us know in the comment section.

2016 Eastern Conference Champion Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers-275
Toronto Raptors+650
Miami Heat+750
Atlanta Hawks+800
Boston Celtics+5000
Indiana Pacers+7000
Charlotte Hornets+10000
Detroit Pistons+15000

Odds as of April 22 at Bovada

Archived Articles

Post trade deadline, it looks like the Cleveland Cavaliers then everyone else in the Eastern Conference as the Cavs are heavy favorites to win their second Eastern Conference title in as many years.

Online sportsbook bodog has the Cleveland tabbed as -400 favorites, with the team with the second best odds, the Toronto Raptors, well behind at +500. 

Considering the lack of playoff experience from other top Eastern Conference squads like the Raptors and Celtics, along with injury concerns to the Bulls and Heat, it really doesn’t look as if there’s a serious threat to the Cavs. Even with potential injuries to oft-injured Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, Cleveland proved last year, or should I say LeBron James proved last year, that they’re simply too much for other teams in the conference.

The Raptors are a few games back of the Cavs in the Eastern Conference standings and have split two games with them this season, but until the Lowry and DeRozan led team proves they can make it out of the first round, then it’s hard to consider them as a legit title contender. 

As for the upstart Celtics who sit in third place in the conference, their odds to represent the East in the Finals currently sit at +1400. The Celts have also split two games with Cleveland this season, but were swept by them in the first round of last year’s playoffs. 

Things are much tighter in the Western Conference with the Spurs and Thunder on the heels of the Warriors.

Here’s a look at the updated Eastern Conference odds:

Archived Articles

p>No, you're not living in Bizzaro World; the NBA's Eastern Conference is actually the superior conference so far in the 2015-16 campaign. The East, long perceived as the Association’s red-headed stepchild compared to the Western Conference, is head and shoulders above the West this season. Need proof? Check the standings.


As of Friday, Dec. 18, 10 of the East’s 15 teams were above .500 which has made it incredibly hard to predict what’s going to happen this year. To put that into perspective, the Western Conference, A.K.A. the Golden State Warriors’ playground, currently features only six teams with winning records.

In something that had become an unfortunate reality for the league, the Boston Celtics snagged the eighth and final playoff spot with a losing 40-42 record last season. The times, they are indeed a changin'.

Vastly improved teams like the Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Charlotte Hornets, Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons are the main culprits for the mess that is the Eastern Conference standings right now. Thankfully for the NBA, this newfound parity has made the conference the most exciting it's been in quite some time.

So, who are oddsmakers expecting to take the crown? At Bovada, it’s unsurprisingly the powerhouse Cleveland Cavaliers who have been tabbed as the odds-on -250 favorites, but it gets quite interesting after that. The Heat (+1000), Chicago Bulls (+1000), Pacers (+1200), Toronto Raptors (+1200) and Atlanta Hawks (+1400) round out the top seven at the shop.

In the infamous words of Terrell Owens: getcha popcorn ready.

2016 Eastern Conference Champion Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers-250
Miami Heat+1000
Chicago Bulls+1000
Indiana Pacers+1200
Atlanta Hawks+1400
Boston Celtics+2500
Charlotte Hornets+3300
Washington Wizards+6600
Detroit Pistons+6600
Orlando Magic+10000
New York Knicks+10000
Milwaukee Bucks+10000
Brooklyn Nets+50000

Odds as of December 18 at Bovada

Archived Articles

Heading into the 2015/16 NBA campaign many pundits believed the Eastern Conference was a race between the Cleveland Cavaliers and everyone else. Cleveland has held its own atop of the standings a month into the season, but it won’t be the cakewalk back to the NBA Finals that many predicted.

The Chicago Bulls (+900), Miami Heat (+1100) and Atlanta Hawks (+1200) are the three teams that are most likely to challenge the Cavs for the conference title at online sportsbook Bovada.

When it comes to filling out the rest of the playoff bracket, it’s anyone’s guess at this point. The East has been a source for punch lines from hoops fans in recent seasons due to the imbalance in talent when compared to the competitive West. But this year’s edition of the Eastern Conference, led by improved teams like the New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons, is the tightest it’s been in quite some time.

Here’s a look at Bovada's updated Eastern Conference odds.

2016 Eastern Conference Champion Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers-300
Chicago Bulls+900
Miami Heat+1100
Atlanta Hawks+1200
Toronto Raptors+1600
Washington Wizards+2500
Boston Celtics+2500
Detroit Pistons+4000
Indiana Pacers+4000
New York Knicks+6600
Milwaukee Bucks+6600
Charlotte Hornets+10000
Orlando Magic+10000

Odds as of November 19 at Bovada


Can anyone catch the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference this year? For a team that boasts a starting five of Kyrie Irving, J.R. Smith, LeBron James, Kevin Love and Timofey Mozgov that's not going to be an easy task, but there are a few clubs who could make a serious push.

The Cavs are -250 chalk to claim the East at online sportsbook Bovada, and it's a hefty drop off after that. The Chicago Bulls (+750), Miami Heat (+1200), Atlanta Hawks (+1600) and Washington Wizards (+1800) round out the top five.

It's interesting to note Miami's presence so high on that list considering it was just over a year ago that LeBron James took his talents back to Cleveland, but it's easy to understand why when you look at the Heat's roster on paper. If the Bulls can stay healthy (a big if) they should be in the mix, while the Atlanta Hawks aren't expected by oddsmakers to be a serious threat after a stellar regular season in 2014/15.

2015-16 Eastern Conference Champion Odds

Odds as of October 26 at Bovada

  • Cleveland Cavaliers -250
  • Chicago Bulls +750
  • Miami Heat +1200
  • Atlanta Hawks +1600
  • Washington Wizards +1800
  • Indiana Pacers +2500
  • Milwaukee Bucks +2500
  • Toronto Raptors +2500
  • Boston Celtics +4000
  • Brooklyn Nets +10000
  • Detroit Pistons +10000
  • New York Knicks +10000
  • Charlotte Hornets +10000
  • Orlando Magic +12500
  • Philadelphia 76ers +12500


LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the clear favorites on the offseason odds to win the NBA Eastern Conference championship in the upcoming season, with online sportsbook Bovada setting them as the -300 favorites to claim the Eastern crown and make a return trip to the NBA Finals in 2016.

The Cavaliers are then followed by the Chicago Bulls at +800 on the odds to win the NBA Eastern Conference in the upcoming season, with the Miami Heat just behind them at +900, and the Atlanta Hawks a step back of the top contenders at +1800. The Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, and Washington Wizards are all at +2500.

2016 NBA Eastern Conference Champion

Odds as of August 30 at Bovada

  • Cleveland Cavaliers -300
  • Chicago Bulls +800
  • Miami Heat +900
  • Atlanta Hawks +1800
  • Indiana Pacers +2500
  • Milwaukee Bucks +2500
  • Toronto Raptors +2500
  • Washington Wizards +2500
  • Boston Celtics +4000
  • Brooklyn Nets +7500
  • Detroit Pistons +7500
  • New York Knicks +7500
  • Charlotte Hornets +10000
  • Orlando Magic +12500
  • Philadelphia 76ers +12500


Here are the updated odds to win the NBA Eastern Conference at the online sportsbooks.

2015 NBA Eastern Conference Champion

Odds as of May 5 at Bovada

  • Chicago Bulls 3/2
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 8/5
  • Atlanta Hawks 5/1
  • Washington Wizards 5/1


LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the second seed on the Eastern Conference side of the NBA playoff bracket, but they're the top team on the odds to win the conference title this spring at Bovada.

At Bovada the Cavaliers are the 1/2 favorites on the odds to win the Eastern Conference, followed by the Atlanta Hawks at 13/4, the Chicago Bulls at 11/2, and the Toronto Raptors at 16/1. The Hawks are the top seed for the playoffs, with the Bulls the third seed, and the Raptors the fourth seed.

The Washington Wizards are then at 25/1, with the Boston Celtics at 66/1, the Brooklyn Nets at 75/1, and the Milwaukee Bucks at 100/1. Washington faces Toronto in the first round, while Boston takes on Cleveland, Brooklyn meets Atlanta, and Milwaukee goes up against Chicago.

Odds to Win 2014/15 NBA Eastern Conference at Bovada as of April 15

Cleveland Cavaliers 1/2
Atlanta Hawks 13/4
Chicago Bulls 11/2
Toronto Raptors 16/1
Washington Wizards 25/1
Boston Celtics 66/1
Brooklyn Nets 75/1
Milwaukee Bucks 100/1


The Cleveland Cavaliers are the favorites on the odds to win the 2014/15 NBA Eastern Conference late in March, with Bovada listing LeBron James and company as the 1/2 chalk on those NBA futures.

The Atlanta Hawks are then second at 13/5, with the Chicago Bulls at 8/1, the Toronto Raptors at 25/1, and the Washington Wizards and Miami Heat at 40/1. The Indiana Pacers are farther back on that list at Bovada at 66/1 odds, with the Boston Celtics pegged at 75/1 odds.

Odds to Win 2014/15 NBA Eastern Conference at Bovada as of March 28

Cleveland Cavaliers 1/2
Atlanta Hawks 13/5
Chicago Bulls 8/1
Toronto Raptors 25/1
Miami Heat 40/1
Washington Wizards 40/1
Indiana Pacers 66/1
Boston Celtics 75/1
Milwaukee Bucks 100/1
Brooklyn Nets 250/1
Charlotte Hornets 250/1


LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the favorites and the Chicago Bulls are expected to be their closest competitor as the sportsbooks offer up their odds to win the NBA's Eastern Conference prior to the start of the 2014/15 campaign.

The Cavaliers are the clear 4/5 favorites on the Eastern Conference futures at Bovada heading into the season, with the Bulls behind them at 9/4 odds. From there there's a drop down to the Washington Wizards, who are listed at 12/1 odds. The Toronto Raptors are next at 20/1 odds at the sportsbook.

Odds to Win 2014/15 NBA Eastern Conference at Bovada as of October 20

Atlanta Hawks 40/1
Boston Celtics 75/1
Brooklyn Nets 28/1
Charlotte Hornets 25/1
Chicago Bulls 9/4
Cleveland Cavaliers 4/5
Detroit Pistons 100/1
Indiana Pacers 25/1
Miami Heat 25/1
Milwaukee Bucks 150/1
New York Knicks 25/1
Orlando Magic 100/1
Philadelphia 76ers 250/1
Toronto Raptors 20/1
Washington Wizards 12/1


LeBron James and the Miami Heat were the Eastern Conference champions once again last season, and the sportsbooks don't see them getting dethroned this season - they're the favorites to repeat that feat in 2013/14.

At Bovada the Heat sit as the 1/1 favorites on the odds to win the East this season, after they knocked out the Indiana Pacers in the conference finals in seven games last year before taking care of the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals.

The Chicago Bulls, who fell in five games to the Heat in last year's conference semifinals, are the second-favorites on that list at 7/2 odds. Chicago should be bolstered this season by the long-awaited return of Derrick Rose to the hardwood; Rose missed the entire 2012/13 season as he recovered from a knee injury.

The Pacers are then tied with the Brooklyn Nets at 11/2 odds, with Brooklyn falling in seven games to Chicago in the first round of last year's playoffs but adding both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in a trade with the Boston Celtics over the offseason.

The New York Knicks round out the top tier of contenders on the odds to win the Eastern Conference this season at 9/1; New York fell in six games to the Pacers in last year's conference semifinals.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons both then sit at 40/1 odds at Bovada, with the Washington Wizards at 50/1, and each of the Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Raptors, and Boston Celtics at 66/1.

The Milwaukee Bucks, who were swept in the first round of last year's playoffs by the Heat, are at 100/1 on that NBA futures list, with the Philadelphia 76ers at 150/1, and both the Charlotte Bobcats and the Orlando Magic at 250/1.

Odds to Win 2013/14 NBA Eastern Conference at Bovada

Miami Heat 1/1
Chicago Bulls 7/2
Brooklyn Nets 11/2
Indiana Pacers 11/2
New York Knicks 9/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 40/1
Detroit Pistons 40/1
Washington Wizards 50/1
Atlanta Hawks 66/1
Boston Celtics 66/1
Toronto Raptors 66/1
Milwaukee Bucks 100/1
Philadelphia 76ers 150/1
Charlotte Bobcats 250/1
Orlando Magic 250/1


The Miami Heat are the favorites at the online sportsbooks once again to claim the Eastern Conference title this year, with their biggest challenger missing their top player for a large chunk of the season.

The Heat are pegged at 5/8 at Bovada to get back to the NBA Finals once again in 2012/13, with the Chicago Bulls second on that list at 13/2 heading into the start of the regular season.

Miami lost just six games over their first three playoff series last season en route to a berth in the NBA Finals, and have the core of their team intact once again this time around. The Bulls, meanwhile, won't have star guard Derrick Rose in the lineup for months as he recovers from last year's knee injury.

The Boston Celtics are next at 7/1 on that odds list, with the Brooklyn Nets at 10/1, and both the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks at 14/1. The Knicks lost in the first round of last year's playoffs to Miami, while the Nets missed the playoffs in their final season in New Jersey.

The Philadelphia 76ers round out the second tier of contenders at 18/1 on the odds to win the NBA's Eastern Conference, and the Atlanta Hawks are back at 35/1 with Joe Johnson now in Brooklyn. Everyone else sits at 66/1 odds or higher to win the conference.

The complete Eastern Conference futures list at Bovada ...

Miami Heat 5/8
Chicago Bulls 13/2
Boston Celtics 7/1
Brooklyn Nets 10/1
Indiana Pacers 14/1
New York Knicks 14/1
Philadelphia 76ers 18/1
Atlanta Hawks 35/1
Milwaukee Bucks 66/1
Orlando Magic 66/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 100/1
Toronto Raptors 100/1
Washington Wizards 100/1
Detroit Pistons 125/1
Charlotte Bobcats 200/1


The Miami Heat won the NBA's Eastern Conference last season, and they're the favorites at the sportsbooks at 1/1 odds to capture that title once again this year.

Derrick Rose is looking for another big season for the Bulls, who fell short against the Heat in a seven-game series in the playoffs last year. The Bulls are at 5/2 at Bovada to capture the Eastern Conference title. Many observers believe Chicago is well-rounded with a better coach, but so much star power in South Beach leaves them farther down on the futures betting list than the Heat.

Boston is a veteran-laden team and they could benefit the most from a shortened season. Bovada has the Celtics at 13/2 on the futures boards for a deep run at the conference championship. The Knicks will have a full season with Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire on the roster, and that should boost that team's chances as they come in at 9/1 odds on the East's futures board.

Orlando fell hard in the first round of the NBA playoffs last season but are next at Bovada at 12/1 in East futures betting. Atlanta upset the Magic in the first round last year and expect better things in a tough Eastern Conference; the Hawks are at 30/1 odds on that futures board.

The Nets also come in at 30/1 odds, while the Indiana Pacers round out the second-tier teams on the futures board at 50/1 odds to claim the East title.

The complete Eastern Conference futures list at Bovada ...

Miami Heat 1/1
Chicago Bulls 5/2
Boston Celtics 13/2
New York Knicks 9/1
Orlando Magic 12/1
Atlanta Hawks 30/1
New Jersey Nets 30/1
Indiana Pacers 50/1
Milwaukee Bucks 60/1
Philadelphia 76ers 60/1
Charlotte Bobcats 80/1
Cleveland Cavaliers 80/1
Detroit Pistons 80/1
Toronto Raptors 80/1
Washington Wizards 80/1



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