How to Bet on Tennis

With the way Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have dominated the men's side over the last decade, and the Williams' sisters ruling the Grand Slams on the women's side, betting on tennis may seem like a boring place for bettors looking for a challenge and for a chance at big profits.

It may seem that way, but it's not the case.

With the men's side becoming a three-man race due to the rise of Novak Djokovic and the Williams' facing new challenges both on and off the court, tennis betting is wide open right now.

Tennis may not be the most popular option for bettors, but it can provide some big profits when a big star is upset early on and the odds really start to tighten up in the later rounds of tournaments.

Tennis also offers more betting options than a number of other sports due to the ATP and WTA running tournaments simultaneously and coming together for the Grand Slams.

Tennis matchups offer more betting options that simply who will win and move on or claim the tournament title. There are also over under totals on sets, which are easier to figure out than the casual tennis fan might think.

There are also match props at some books, with odds on number of aces, faults and matchups between players.

One of the popular bets in tennis is futures, because even bettors who hardly ever bet on tennis will put in a future bet on a Grand Slam tournament. Tennis futures always start with the Grand Slams, with odds on the Australian Open the first to appear.

After the Aussie is over the French Open odds are usually available weeks or month before the actual tournament. Wimbledon odds are up at most books during the French Open and the same goes for U.S. Open odds during Wimbledon. Tennis futures are not all bets on the Grand Slams though.

There's also the Davis Cup and some of the other high profile tournaments such as the Master Series, the Tournament of Champions and the World Tour Finals.