Tiger tail focus of prop bets

Tiger Woods is seldom an underdog, but there are some Tiger Woods odds this week where he is an underdog and it stems from being in the doghouse with his wife.

You have all heard the stories this week, starting with the injuries he sustained in a car accident which may have been inflicted by his jealous wife. You have heard several women either confirm or deny sexual encounters with the world’s greatest golfer and one of the planet’s most recognizable athletes.

Now you can bet on {URL=http://sports.bodog.com/welcome/2761707/}whether he will confess to any dalliances or if he’ll deny them or stay quiet. {/URL}Online sportsbook bodog always has the pulse of the sports betting community and it doesn’t end with action on the field.

Tiger is the subject of three prop bets, with the odds stacked against any public admissions of adultery.
Bodog asks: Will Tiger Woods publicly admit to having an affair by December 31st 2009? [ CHECK OUT {URL=http://sports.bodog.com/welcome/2761707/}TIGER WOODS PROP ODDS{/URL} NOW OR WAGER ON FUTURE ODDS ON NEXT YEAR'S MASTERS OR US OPEN ]

If you think he won’t, that is the favored bet at -280, while a ‘Yes’ reply is a +220 underdog position,
On the question, Will Tiger Woods leave his wife for Rachel Uchitel by December 31st 2010, the odds are even more steeply stacked against the affirmative. The ‘No’ answer is -1000 underdog, while ‘Yes’ would produce a +500 payout.

And on the related Tiger prop bet, Will Ms. Uchitel pose for Playboy before the end of 2010, that answer has much closer odds. The ‘No’ answer is -175, while ‘Yes’ is +145. If that happens, I guess everyone will get to see for themselves what all the fuss was about.

“Its the most talked-about story in sports at the moment and fans are making their own predictions about what will happen next,” said Richard Gardner, {URL=http://sports.bodog.com/welcome/2761707/}head linesmaker for bodog.{/URL} “So we wanted to put some odds out there on Tiger's tale of woe.”

Perhaps they have posted odds on What the hell was Tiger thinking to cheat on his hot wife? We would set the lines something like this.

She got me drunk and tricked me 10/1
Misunderstood when she said she wanted to see my driver 15/1
Nothing, I was just really horny 1/1

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