Best Ways to Bet WNBA

Betting on the WNBA doesn't differ from betting on the NBA or college basketball. Your best option is still betting the point spread, but you can also find great value at times betting the moneyline, the over under and even futures and props.

Even though this is the case, WNBA wagering isn't very popular. It pales in comparison to money bet on NBA and college hoops. This isn't a bad thing though, because it can make it exploitable since it's not at the top of the list of the oddsmakers sports to keep a close eye on.

The low bettor turnout rate for WNBA gives it a different look for sports bettors than more popular options. In sports like NBA, college hoops and NFL, you usually don't want your money to follow the line movements. If a line moves in any of those sports, it's because the public is behind it (and no offense to the public) but usually they're stupid and bet with their hearts more than with their brains.

Since the WNBA betting pool is so much smaller when a WNBA line moves that usually means there's smart money behind it. If someone is betting on WNBA they're usually taking their time to make smart bets with information backing them.

Because of this whenever you see a WNBA line move that tends to mean that's where the educated bettors are going and you should jump onboard before the books oddsmaker really figure out what's going on and move the line even more and break up any advantage you might have had.

It isn't very often that sportsbooks make mistakes with their odds, but if it's gong to happen a low profile sport like the WNBA, where the books aren't spending a lot of time, is where it's going to occur the most. Look for these openings and take advantage. Just because you're not a fan of the WNBA doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to make so money off of it.