Blockchain Startup AlphaPoint Announces New Network

Blockchain development startup AlphaPoint has announced plans for a new public blockchain, as part of its drive to develop technologies for digitizing offline assets.

The firm, which so far has focused on developing blockchain infrastructure for exchanges and ICOs, announced it will turn its attention to the new initiative, known as the AlphaPoint Public Network.

The network has been designed to allow real-world assets to be exchanged on a public blockchain, with plans for a public token launch in the new year. Ultimately, AlphaPoint sees these tokens as being the key store of value on their network, which will enable smoother transactions for a range of real-world assets on the distributed ledger.

The system is being developed on Intel infrastructure, with Software Guard Extensions a particular feature being built into its development. This technology will enable AlphaPoint to protect sensitive information like private keys to allow for a more secure system of exchange.

The move follows a similar announcement from AlphaPoint back in October, when it unveiled ongoing development work with Intel to create an asset-based solution with a particular focus on security.

At the time, chief operating officer Igor Telyatnikov described how enhanced security was key for attracting financial services customers.

“With this upgraded solution, we are enabling rapid implementation of blockchain technology into production within months instead of years. Our financial services customers want the benefits of distributed ledger technology without the security and privacy limitations of existing blockchain solutions.”

The news comes at a time of significant change for AlphaPoint, with the firm also recently appointing a new chief executive. Salil Donde, formerly of Nasdaq’s Global Information Services and analytics startup Lewtan, has joined as the firm’s new CEO, as well as taking a seat on the board.

In addressing his new role, Donde said that the plans for the new AlphaPoint Network would enable accredited investors to get in on the ground floor, as the company continues to facilitate the digitization of real-world assets.

“The primary mission of AlphaPoint is to enable our customers to digitize real-world assets and launch new markets. The proceeds from the planned sale to accredited investors will allow AlphaPoint to build a new public blockchain network that delivers on this mission at a new scale.”