Dubai to Establish ‘Court of the Blockchain’ To Improve Efficiency In Legal System

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Authorities in Dubai have announced plans for a “court of the blockchain,” designed to allow the benefits of blockchain technology in the legal system there.

The Dubai International Financial Center Courts have announced they are working in collaboration with Smart Dubai, a government-backed initiative to support digitization in the local economy, to develop a platform that would enable the judiciary to share information and improve administrative efficiency.

The platform is to be developed on blockchain, and would streamline workflows around tasks like document duplication and storage, which the DIFC Courts hope would result in a more efficient legal system.

The network is to work with smart contracts, which will automate many of the processes the court now handles manually. The decentralized structure is proposed as a way of improving network resilience, as well as increasing the speed with which information can be recorded, stored and shared throughout the network.

Initially, the project will focus on research and development, including around how judgment and case data can be written and verified on the blockchain in real time, a feature DFIC says could ultimately help with cross-border enforcement action.

In a media release announcing the move, DFIC and Smart Dubai explained the direction of their research around blockchain technology.

“Future research will combine expertise and resources to investigate handling disputes arising out of private and public blockchains, with regulation and contractual terms encoded within the smart contract.”

The move is part of a wider race to deploy blockchain in Dubai, which has been among the most proactive countries in embracing blockchain technology for governance. Authorities in Dubai, led by Smart Dubai, are attempting to fully digitize government processes and transactions by 2020.

Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, the director general of Smart Dubai, described the courts project as “disruptive.”

“An invention of this caliber and potential requires an equally disruptive set of rules and an empowered institution to uphold them. This is where our partnership with DIFC Courts comes in, allowing us to work together and create the world’s first disruptive court, helping to truly unlock the power of blockchain technology.”