Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Announces New Executive Director

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the collaborative group working to promote standards on the ethereum blockchain, has announced the appointment of a new executive director, in a first-time move for the organization.

The consortium, which develops ethereum infrastructure on an open-source basis, announced the appointment of Ron Resnick, formerly chairman at the AirFuel Alliance, to become its new executive director.

According to Julio Faura, chairman at the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Resnick’s appointment will herald significant changes, as the group looks to develop its organizational structure and expansion.

“Ron’s task as our first executive director is to build out the organization, engage with members and foster the continued development of technical content. ... Ron has the experience and background to guide EEA through this period of rapid growth and expansion.”

Marking his appointment to the role, Resnick explained his focus was to develop ethereum as a technology that could more seamlessly integrate with enterprise applications.

“My focus is to drive the further development of Ethereum-based technology best practices, open standards and open-source reference architectures to evolve Ethereum into an enterprise-grade technology.”

Resnick stands atop a career of over 25 years in business development, as well as technical and financial roles. Formerly an executive at Intel and 4G broadband association WiMax Forum, he brings extensive enterprise experience to the position.

In one of his first acts in his new role, he will host an event on behalf of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance at the Davos summit later this month, designed to highlight the benefits of their work to business and government leaders.

His appointment comes at a time of increasing membership at the group, with member companies including Sberbank and Hewlett-Packard joining the ranks over the last couple of months.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance sees companies working together on a collaborative basis to develop the technical infrastructure for the ethereum blockchain.

Prized for its smart contracts capability, and the potential for decentralized apps to be deployed on the blockchain, ethereum is viewed as a promising technology for a range of enterprise applications.