Fujitsu Announces Detailed Plans For Several Blockchain Business Models

Tech giants Fujitsu have fleshed out their plans for blockchain business models, following on from extensive development efforts on the Hyperledger Fabric protocol.

A key member of the Hyperledger consortium, which has been working to develop open-source platforms for blockchain development, the specifics of Fujitsu’s plans for the technology had as yet been kept tightly under wraps.

Announcing its approach, the company has pointed to a twofold strategy for deploying commercial applications on the technology it has been fundamental in creating.

The firm will sell clients services to promote efficiency gains in internal corporate structures on the one hand, while offering mechanisms for connecting clients through the blockchain platform, as their initial approach to monetizing their efforts at developing the technology.

According to a spokesperson for Fujitsu, its blockchain business model will not be limited to these two elements, and it will continue to develop new applications for the technology in tandem with launching these services.

“We don’t intend to limit it to one business model, but want to use it various ways. As blockchain becomes faster, we hope to achieve stable responsiveness even when user numbers swell.”

The announcement follows significant results for the company in the past few weeks, having reached volumes of 1350 transactions per second on the Fabric infrastructure in testing, a level that Fujitsu says will enable the platform to service the needs of high-performance operators.

The move puts Fujitsu alongside IBM as the leading tech partners in this emerging technology space, with both recruiting clients for developing on the Fabric platform.

While in direct competition in this pursuit, the pair seem content for the time being to be operating in a broadly cooperative manner in helping develop applications for the tech, with company representatives dismissing concerns about developing in a similar vein to competing businesses.

The news comes as the latest development in the journey of the Hyperledger platform, developed by a partnership of over 100 different organizations with interests in the technology.

With new commercial applications springing up for the technology on a regular basis, Hyperledger’s Fabric platform has emerged as one of the leading protocols for development on the blockchain.