Gibraltar Stock Exchange Now Accepting Tokenized Securities

Gibralter Stock Exchange Tokenized Securities blockchain GSX Group GSX Global Market

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange is now accepting listings of tokenized securities through its GSX Global Market platform, in a move likely to make the emerging blockchain jurisdiction even more popular with startups and blockchain firms.

In an announcement earlier this week, the stock exchange confirmed it had the relevant permissions from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission to cover tokens issued on the blockchain.

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange said it is relying on its existing regulatory clearances to bring tokenized securities to investors through the platform, a move that is expected to encourage more companies and investors to engage with tokenized instruments.

This means the exchange will now list bonds, securities (both asset-backed and derivative) and both open and closed funds in tokenized forms.

Nick Cowan, CEO and founder of the GSX Group, said the move would provide more flexibility for investors and companies looking to raise capital from financial markets.

“We aim to leverage blockchain to open up greater liquidity pools, making illiquid assets more accessible, and set the foundations to better democratize capital markets.”

The news is the latest development in Gibraltar’s efforts to become the blockchain jurisdiction of choice, since the financial regulator published its DLT regulatory framework early last year.

Gibraltar is already considered an attractive jurisdiction for blockchain and crypto companies, alongside other jurisdictions such as Malta that have embraced licensing and regulation for crypto operators.

The announcement was followed by a separate statement from the exchange confirming it had now opened to companies based outside the EU, effectively bringing a Gibraltar listing into contention for firms based in most global jurisdictions.

This means financial services firms around the world will now be able to bring issuers to market in Gibraltar with a listing on the GSX platform.

Cowan noted that while today’s news covers securities, the exchange was eyeing the possibility of exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the near future.

“ETFs are products that the GSX Group is especially interested in given our position as one of the largest fund administrators in Gibraltar, meaning we can support future ETF structuring and issuance.”