HTC Announces Plans for 2nd Generation Blockchain Phone in 2019

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Electronics manufacturer HTC has announced plans for a new blockchain phone, building on the success of earlier models, to be launched later this year.

The Taiwan-based consumer electronics company, primarily known for its smartphones, said the ‘2nd generation’ model would allow the firm to explore a range of blockchain features on its devices, providing consumers with access to data powered by blockchain.

According to a senior executive at the company, the move will allow consumers to use data with more privacy than can be expected from traditional non-blockchain smartphones.

The new handset was announced by HTC decentralized chief officer Phil Chen at the Taipei 101 forum last week, to a warm reception from investors and delegates. In the statement, Chen confirmed that the phone was expected to be released in the second half of 2019.

Known as the HTC Exodus, the phone will be the second in the series to carry the name, building on the success of the HTC Exodus 1 launched back in October 2018.

According to HTC, the device has sold in line with expectations, and there are signs of growing demand from consumers for access to a range of blockchain features and services.

The handset comes preloaded with a cryptowallet, as well as support for decentralised apps, allowing users to access a wide range of features powered by distributed ledger technology. The apps will use peer-to-peer technology, “instead of passing through cloud or mainframe boards as done previously,” in a move designed to enhance user privacy.

The announcement comes in the wake of the decision from rival blockchain phone manufacturer Sirin Labs, which recently laid off 25% of its workforce after the disappointing launch of its Finney blockchain smartphone.

Where others have struggled, HTC appears to have found a winning formula for a blockchain-powered phone. Should the Exodus 2 launch as expected, there are plans for the company to continue to develop the technology for future devices.

Earlier this month, Chen confirmed the firm had set aside $50 million in a fund called Proof of Capital, designed to specifically focus on research and development of phones and other blockchain technologies.