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The Hyperledger consortium has announced a new proof-of-concept model that integrates ethereum smart contracts into their existing protocols, in a move that could provide ethereum developers with more options for enterprise-grade implementations.

Dubbed Sawtooth Ethereum, or “Seth” for short, the proof-of-concept integrated ethereum smart contract capability within Hyperledger Sawtooth, the Intel-devised contribution to the Hyperledger codebase.

While recognizing the technological challenges presented by this hybrid implementation, Hyperledger chief executive Brian Behlendorf said the development represents yet another successful advance for the open-source group.

“Hyperledger isn’t just a collection of farm animals in one big barn. There really is a point to bringing these communities together and having them work out organically how they might sit on top of one another and be components into a broader architectural vision.”

The platform will also be more easily integrated with Burrow, an implementation devised by Monax, which could allow for a more seamless transition for ethereum developers to the new platform.

Casey Kuhlman, the co-founder of Monax, said the integration would enable Burrow and Sawtooth implementations with greater compatibility, making it easier for developers to transition to the new framework.

“Hyperledger Burrow has long been positioned to provide a core EVM that would then be utilized by other Hyperledger projects. This integration validates that positioning, and establishes a strong upstream-downstream relationship between the Sawtooth and Burrow projects.”

The Hyperledger consortium is a group of over 140 companies, working in partnership to develop open-source protocols for blockchain development. Its members are made up of a diverse collection of organizations, including IBM, American Express, Daimler, JP Morgan, and others.

The body, led by the not-for-profit Linux Foundation, aligns developers from the corporate world to the common goal of creating standardized architecture for blockchain development.

The group’s contributions have already led to deployments of proofs-of-concept models across industry, and has helped Hyperledger become one of the pre-eminent code structures for use case development to date.

In confirming Seth, Hyperledger could now be laying the foundations for future developments, where elements of ethereum smart contracts can be integrated within the group’s Sawtooth architecture, for more effective development of blockchain applications.