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The crypto-based collectible trading game MLB Crypto is no more. It’s being replaced by a new game called MLB Champions. The rebrand aims to facilitate mass appeal and spread the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Not only that, it’s one of the few blockchain-based gaming apps available on the Google Play store as the store is rumored to be banning apps that trade any kind of cryptocurrency without notice.

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So the move to rebrand the game isn’t just about changing the name, it’s about changing the perspective of big-time app publishers and reigniting the interests of baseball fans currently awaiting a deal that will see the MLB player a shortened season to make up for games lost as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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What’s The Difference Between the New and the Old?

The new version of the MLB’s blockchain-based app will actually decrease how dependent the game itself is on the Ethereum network. This will make it easier for the game to gain traction on app stores and should make it easier for users to actually interact with the platform.

Another new aspect of the game allows users to actually create unique digital collectibles that they can actually sell on an open marketplace. Naturally sports fans who want to do this will likely need to have some programming chops or at least be able to navigate the menu options of the application in order to participate. But even fans sitting on the sidelines so to speak can still purchase cool collectibles made by other users.

Circling back to the idea that MLB Champions needs to distance itself from the Ethereum blockchain, what that really means is nobody will be able to buy or sell the assets created in exchange for ether tokens. This means that while the original version of the game was meant to inspire baseball fans to get interested in cryptocurrency, the newly branded MLB Champions will likely favour the baseball enthusiast slightly more than before. Not just the avid crypto user who may or may not also be a baseball fan.

The Real Reason MLB Champions Will Increase Adoption

In the original version of MLB Champions, users actually had to connect to a crypto exchange in order to purchase ether tokens. This time around, the game will use a high end ‘digital scarcity engine’ to create an artificial marketplace for everything that is created and traded on the platform.

Again, the whole point is to make sure that the app can rise in popularity on both Google Play and Apple’s app store. The other major benefit to using this technology is that the game will be free to play and the interface of the app won’t actually look like anything technical. It’ll simply be an app that users can download and manipulate with their hands without thinking about smart contracts, or long strings of characters representing Ethereum addresses.

MLB Champions allows users to create digital figurines and trade them. The game is a great way for sports gamblers looking for another way to increase their bankroll without having to wager on a shortened 60-game MLB season.

Figurines Available on the App Right Now

Right now Houston Astros infielder José Altuve and Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts can be purchased for around $35. If the game explodes in popularity the way other collectible games like CryptoKitties has in the past, a $35 investment might be worth a lot more someday. Whether or not there are enough baseball fans and crypto friendly users out there that are willing to make a small gamble on collectible games like MLB Champions to the point that it actually pushes crypto adoption or makes sports gamblers rich remains to be seen.