In-game betting with bitcoin

How In-Game Betting with Bitcoin Works and Why You Should Try It

In-game betting with Bitcoin represents the ultimate excitement for sports bettors who enjoy the chance to win big, watch every moment of a game as it’s happening, and also have the opportunity to hedge against your own bets and guarantee yourself a profit.

Knowing how in-game betting with Bitcoin works will add another tool to your sports betting arsenal that just might help you increase the size of your bankroll. Get ready to gamble in a way that keeps you at the edge of your seat until the last whistle sounds.

How to Place an In-Game Bet with Bitcoin

First things first. Placing an in-game bet with Bitcoin means gambling on a website that accepts cryptocurrencies. and many other respected online gambling operators accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular cryptos. They all also offer in-game betting.

Placing an in-game bet requires scrolling over to the live gaming page on your sportsbook of choice. Where that link is depends on which site you’re using. Most sportsbooks will feature it in the menu at the top of your home page or to the left-hand side. Either way, you should see a distinction between events that haven’t started yet and ones that are in play right now.

On the live betting page, you’ll be able to choose the sport you want to bet on. Major North American and European leagues will usually be featured by the name of the league. A less popular basketball game from a lesser known league featuring two Division II teams would likely just be featured under the word basketball.

How to Place a Wager during the Game

Placing a wager during a game works the same way as placing it before. The difference comes in the fact that the odds are always changing and sometimes the sportsbook can temporarily close betting when the in-game action or the betting action is changing quickly.

This means that if you’re engaging in live betting, you may find yourself re-entering your wager amount and trying to place the same bet multiple times. Eventually, you can get it to go through; just be aware that the odds may change by the time your bet is confirmed.

You can place a wager on a variety of events within the game. Both moneyline, puckline and runline events are typically eligible for wagering in football, hockey and baseball. You can also pick soccer teams to win by 1.5 or more goals at most moments during a game.

In-game betting also allows you to wager on alternative point spreads much larger than 1 or 2 points, so there is an opportunity to look for added value as the score of the game changes. That brings us to why you should entertain the idea of in-game betting with Bitcoin.

The Benefits of In-Game Betting with Bitcoin

Betting during the game offers several opportunities to hedge your wagers and guarantee yourself a profit in the long run. How do you go about doing this with Bitcoin? One way to employ a good hedging strategy is to look for a basketball game where the spread before the game started as close to 3 or 4 points for one side.

The favorite laying the points will usually fall behind in the game. Basketball is, after all, a game of runs. When they fall behind, the favorite will all of a sudden be paying out at a better price. This is your chance to bet on the pregame favorite without having to lay juice.

Imagine that the favorite takes the lead again in the third quarter. Now you can wager an equal amount on the underdog as the value bet. You’ve now earned yourself value on both sides of a bet that guarantees you a small profit regardless of who wins the game.

The obvious downside to betting like this is that a team can go on a run and never look back, but if you’re like most gamblers who place their wagers before a game starts, you’re taking that risk anyway.

There is one more reason to engage in betting with Bitcoin during games. It’s the fact that Bitcoin-only betting sites use the blockchain to prove the validity of their odds and to pay out gamblers. This means they often pay lower administration costs than traditional gambling sites and they can hand over those savings to gamblers in the form of better odds.

Better odds and more excitement are two great reasons to bet with Bitcoin while the action is unfolding right before your eyes. Now get out there and give it a shot!