NBA’s Sacramento Kings Launch Blockchain-Based Token for Predictive Gaming App

Vivek Ranadive Sacramento Kings Bitcoin December 3 2019

The Sacramento Kings are working in partnership with Blockparty, a blockchain-based live event ticketing platform that is taking the team’s predictive gaming app, Call the Shot, to the next level. The app is now live for fans to use.

The Kings’ commitment to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies strengthens the team’s reputation as the NBA’s undeniable leader in technological advancement. The team’s overall goal is to continue leading the way and embracing the fact that a large number of California-based basketball fans are technologically savvy.

The Kings of Crypto

This partnership with Blockparty is from the Kings’ first foray into the world of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The team is already five years into accepting cryptocurrency as payment for tickets and merchandise.

An ongoing partnership with crypto mobile wallet BitPay established in January of 2014 is responsible for that. The arrival of new team owner Vivek Ranadivé is having a big impact on the team’s role in the blockchain community.

Since buying the team, Ranadivé is continually showing his commitment to building “NBA 3.0”. It’s the personal business philosophy he wants every team in the league to implement. He wants to lead the way by example, implementing technology into the fabric of his own franchise.

Ranadivé not only did that by making the Kings the first franchise in the league to accept Bitcoin as payment for tickets and merchandise, he also established a charity that gives cryptocurrency mining proceeds to organizations that help people in need.

The initiative was launched in 2014 and is called MiningForGood. Although the team is accepting Bitcoin for ticket and merchandise purchases, MiningForGood was a project focused on mining and donating Ethereum tokens. Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. The project is currently worth nearly $16.2 billion.

Calling the Shots on the Blockchain

Call the Shot allows Kings fans to engage in a predictive gaming experience that earns them tokens for participating and making correct guesses on various outcomes that occur throughout a game.

The game exists thanks to strategic partnerships with MGM Grand Resorts and Xperiel. The app allows fans to earn points that aren’t redeemable for cash but are redeemable for merchandise, in-game prizes and special fan experiences.

Fans can predict all kinds of outcomes within the game, including things like which team will win, who will lead the first quarter in scoring, whether the next shot will be a two-point or three-point basket, top-scoring players, which team will have the most rebounds and more.

Call the Shot is a great way to engage fans and reward them for participating in the action, but it’s really the technology behind the app that acts as the kicker.

All of the rewards and interactions on the Call the Shot app will be tracked and monitored on the blockchain. This means fans know the personal information they’re sharing when registering to use the app cannot be hacked. It will also allow the Kings to receive information about how fans interact with the app, and how much they value the prizes and gaming experience the team is offering.

The Future of the Kings and Crypto

The Kings’ collective vision, as spearheaded by Ranadivé and the rest of the Kings’ front office, is to deliver a Vegas-like in-game experience without the need for actual wagering.

Like gambling, an engaging technological experience can keep fans actively engaged in the arena’s environment and the team’s brand. Casinos do the same thing with the excitement of the games they offer and the amazing architecture of the bricks-and-mortar buildings one would find on the Las Vegas Strip.

That’s why the Kings can afford to gamble on crypto and the blockchain. They’re engaging a whole new group of fans in a way that no other team in sports is right now. That gamble might just pay huge dividends in the long run.