R3 Corda To Be More Closely Integrated With Microsoft Azure

Distributed ledger technology consortium R3 has announced an expansion of its partnership with Microsoft, in a move that will pave the way for a closer integration of its Corda platform with Microsoft Azure.

The aim, according to announcements this week, is to provide “effortless deployment” of Corda and related applications on the Azure cloud service, which would ultimately make it easier for developers to deploy DLT solutions.

The move will streamline the process of establishing nodes and enterprise networks, as well as reducing the time and costs involved in each deployment.

David Rutter, the consortium’s CEO, said that the partnership would be critical in helping assist the “commercial deployment” of Corda-based apps, as well as encouraging more developers to rely on the platform in future.

“Deepening our relationship with Microsoft helps put Corda at the fingertips of millions of businesses across the globe. The platform gives companies complete freedom to develop and deploy innovative DLT-based solutions to their customers’ specific challenges. Integrating Corda with Azure streamlines and simplifies the development and deployment process and ultimately helps businesses expedite commercial deployment of CorDapps.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft senior vice-president Peggy Johnson said the partnership would allow clients to focus on developing for real-world applications.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to unlock incredible value for businesses across industries. By expanding our partnership with R3, we’re making it easier for our customers to harness blockchain technology on Microsoft Azure so they can focus on building real-world business solutions, applications and pilots.”

The R3 consortium is a group of over 100 companies, working together to develop infrastructure for blockchain developments, pilots and end applications. The group has been working closely with Microsoft since April 2016, with today’s partnership extending that collaboration still further.

The team, consisting of 140 development professionals, is backed by over 2,000 legal, financial and technical support staff. To date, the Corda platform has been used across a wide range of developments, including early-stage concepts for DLT systems.

As part of the deal, R3 members can now benefit from access to 45 cloud development tools, in addition to the provisions made by Microsoft’s blockchain-as-a-service platform.