Renault Pilots Blockchain For Car Repair Tracking System

French car manufacturing giant Renault has become the latest multinational to turn its focus to the blockchain, with a new tracking system designed to log car repairs.

The application is a digital version of a car maintenance log, and is designed to reflect repairs carried out throughout the lifetime of a vehicle.

Renault teamed up with VISEO and Microsoft to bring the prototype system to proof-of-concept, with input from Chinese blockchain startup BitSe in shaping the design of the application.

If adopted, the pilot would be another first in blockchain development circles, as Renault becomes one of the earliest pioneers of their specific use cases.

The move comes at a time of heightened development on both public and private blockchains, with companies of all sizes across a range of sectors choosing to invest in blockchain implementations.

Ele Elbaz, a spokesperson for Groupe Renault, said the implementation will open up new service opportunities for motorists, by providing a more consistent record of car maintenance alongside insurance and dealership information.

“This digital car maintenance book will enable us to provide our customers with new services in an ecosystem alongside insurers and dealers. Blockchain technology is able to create a reliable trust protocol.

“Beyond this project, this technology will be a major step forward for connected vehicles and the micro-transactions and security requirements associated with them.”
The move comes as Renault’s latest announcement concerning its blockchain developments, with a subsidiary RCI joining the R3 consortium only a few months ago.

At the same time, both Porsche and Daimler are also known to be investigating similar technologies, with blockchain at the heart of streamlining and automating the collection of car maintenance data.

In-car micro transactions are thought to be another potential outcome of current development for the blockchain in this sector, with potential for car manufacturers to save millions in operating costs, while better serving the needs of their customers.

Renault will monitor its findings closely in the weeks and months ahead, with other blockchain projects in the works.