Brangelina Breakup at 4/1 odds

Hollywood's most glam couple is just 4/1 odds to be headed for a breakup according to one online sportsbook that specializes in celebrity and entertainment odds.

There are always news stories on them and their large brood and an interesting one going round the tabloids is that Pitt's ex Jennifer Aniston still loves him and wants him back. Hell, I even read one story that Pitt's family even wants him to get back with her!

Sportsbook has Brangelina breakup odds with good money going to any bettor that lays money that they will end their relationship and it happens this year.

Will Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announce they are split up in 2011?       
Yes         4/1 

Brangelina have six kids with three adopted ones and three that are theirs with their new twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. Six kids may not be enough for them and when asked about adding to their family Jolie recently told Larry King that the couple has "no plans at the moment." However, other reports, tabloids of course, have said that she is still open to more kids.

Sportsbook has odds on them in this bet: Will Angelina Jolie announce she is pregnant or adopt a child with Brad Pitt?      
Yes         3/2     

David Hasselhoff's reality show lasted a grand total of two shows before being cancelled. If he wants to stay in the news maybe he can get hitched. However, the odds are not good for that happening and at the turn of the New Year he is dating two women!                                                 

Will David Hasselhoff get remarried in 2011?     
Yes         5/1   

There was a video showing Miley Cyrus smoking out of a bong at her 18th birthday party, but she was not smoking pot. It turns out she was smoking salvia, which has psychedelic qualities and is legal in California. That seems to be the extent of her drug use, but you never know what will happen with young stars and Sportsbook's entertainment odds list has checking into rehab this year.

Will Miley Cyrus check into rehab in 2011?          
Yes         5/1                       

Mel Gibson's career is not doing well with all his recent troubles, but will he come out of his slump?  The worst thing he can do is to get arrested again, which is why Sportsbook has odds for him getting arrested this year so high.      


Will Mel Gibson get arrested in 2011?   
Yes         7/1       

While Gibson's career is in a funk there may not be a hotter actor in Hollywood than Robert Downy Jr. He has been clean and sober for a few years and even thanked Burger King for helping him kick his addiction! Obviously. He and his past drug problems have been well publicized and why would he hurt his career again by falling off the wagon? It is unlikely, but, hey, it's Hollywood.

Will Robert Downey Jr. "fall off the wagon" in 2011?      
Yes         7/1

(Robert Downey Jr. will have to check into rehab for substance abuse for Yes to be graded as the Sportsbook)