Deron Williams (left) is favored in the Williams vs Gore (right) odds.

Williams vs Gore Odds & Prediction: NBA vs NFL, Which Former Player Will Prevail?

In 2021, we saw plenty of interesting fights, from Canelo Alvarez becoming the undisputed super middleweight champion to Tyson Fury ending the trilogy with Deontay Wilder. But what also drew headlines was Jake Paul’s boxing adventures and he’s set for a rematch with Tyron Woodley on December 18. Prior to that fight, former NBA player Deron Williams will fight former NFL player Frank Gore on the same card.

Williams vs Gore will be taking place in Tampa, Florida, and can be seen on Showtime PPV. When it comes to Williams vs Gore odds, it is the former NBA player who is the betting favorite.


Williams vs Gore Odds

Online sportsbook Sportsbook has released the Deron Williams vs Frank Gore odds with Williams listed at -150 and Gore the +120 underdog. This means to profit $100 with a winning bet on Williams, you must lay $150, while a $100 winning wager on Gore would profit you $120.

Fighter Odds
Deron Williams -150
Frank Gore +120

Odds as of December 17 at Sportsbook

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If you’re not certain what exactly the Williams vs Gore odds mean in terms of win probability, we have you covered. Our sports betting calculator tells us that Deron’s -150 odds translate to an implied win probability of 60.00 percent while Frank’s implied win probability is 45.45 percent.

Be sure to see our How to Bet Boxing guide to understand all the ins and outs of boxing betting. Also, our sportsbook review page is a great resource in choosing where to bet on Williams vs Gore. Lastly, you can see more boxing betting news here at Odds Shark.

Williams vs Gore Odds Analysis

It’s tough to analyze betting odds with two men making their debuts. Of course, you can give the edge to Williams based upon being the taller, longer man compared to the bowling-ball size of Gore. However, the grit and determination of an NFL running back who remained in the league for an astonishing 15 years can’t be overlooked.

For me, I do find it surprising that an edge was given to either man. I would have set the line as a pick’em, meaning that at odds of +120 there is value on the five-time Pro Bowl running back.

Williams vs Gore Preview

It’s hard to read a lot into a fella hitting mitts or shadow boxing and that’s about all of the training footage we have, but I’ll do my best.

Williams, a three-time NBA all-star, does a good job in his open workout throwing long straight punches, which I think will be a very important tool if he is to win this fight. Additionally, his rear hand stays tight to the head to prevent getting countered.

The one flaw I see is in the footwork. Very similar to Evander Holyfield, he has a tell when he bounces, needing to reset before he throws again. When bouncing, he will then pause for a second, which is when he’s most vulnerable. Moreover, I noticed that he backs straight up after a combination, which is another area he must watch for because he then can be crowded and swarmed.

Gore Must Do Work On The Inside

It is clear that the gritty running back is going to be a pure power fighter attempting to walk Williams down and get into a bit of a brawl. That said, I don’t think he will do so with reckless abandon as the No. 1 positive thing I can see in the above video is his tremendous footwork, which tells me that he’s worked on this area in the past, perhaps to help with his NFL career.

I do worry about his activity level and whether that may tire him out should this fight go the full four rounds. He’s a big, heavy guy with a lot of footwork. When throwing punches, his defense looks tight. However, when moving around while his trainer was pressuring him, the hands do drop a little bit, which is dangerous against a longer opponent.


Deron Williams vs Frank Gore Pick

Fun fight – I think the longer it goes, the more it favors Williams. With that said, I’m not too sure either man has true knockout power but it’ll be interesting how they perform after getting punched.

I like Gore in the early stages with his footwork, perhaps creating angles to get in the inside and do some damage. Will he be able to keep that up? I’m not certain. Ultimately, I do think that the underdog will do enough to grab three rounds, albeit close, and the victory.

Prediction: Frank Gore (+120) via decision