Floyd Mayweather Odds History

Floyd Mayweather Betting Odds History

Floyd Mayweather is in the conversation as one of the greatest boxers of all time. “Money” appears to have ended his professional boxing career at 50-0 with his final victory coming against Conor McGregor. Although Mayweather did have an exhibition bout in Japan in 2018 and has an upcoming “super exhibition” with YouTube star Logan Paul in February, his professional boxing record will remain unchanged.

It should come as no surprise that the undefeated boxer is a massive favorite in the upcoming Mayweather vs Paul fight while the YouTube sensation is a huge underdog. This follows the historical trend of Mayweather’s odds throughout his career.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Odds

Spanning back to October 11, 1996, Floyd won titles in five different weight divisions. Looking at Mayweather’s odds history, he was the chalk in each of his final 18 professional bouts and is a -1400 favorite in his upcoming fight with Logan Paul.

Mayweather Odds: What Was His Shortest Line?

Although Mayweather’s odds weren’t always as short as those in his exhibition bout, the result was always the same with his hand being raised at the end of the fight. To move to 49-0, his odds of -3000 when he fought Andre Berto were the shortest of his final 18 fights. Even when he fought UFC star Conor McGregor, Mayweather’s odds opened at -2250 but settled at -350 in a bout that moved him to 50-0 with a 10th-round knockout.

Mayweather Boxing Odds: What Was His Tightest Betting Line?

Mayweather’s tightest boxing odds down the stretch of his career came when he fought Oscar De La Hoya on Cinco de Mayo in 2007. “Money” won the light middleweight title via split decision as a -190 favorite in that scrap.

Who Is Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather?

Some people nowadays have only heard about Floyd Mayweather but never got to witness him fight. That’s understandable considering he has only fought once professionally since 2015 and that was his boxing match with Conor McGregor on August 26, 2017. Even prior to that, Money typically had two fights a year from 2012 to 2015, fighting on Cinco de Mayo weekend and in September.

Among his many records, he has 24 wins over current or former world champs, had 12 wins over current or former lineal titleholders and had four wins over future Boxing Hall of Fame inductees. He was “Fighter of the Decade” in the 2010s and is considered one of the best boxers of all time, if not the best.

So if you’re new to the sport or are only learning about Mayweather because of his upcoming exhibition match with Logan Paul, just know that Money is the real deal. If Paul thought he was getting an easy payday, he’d better think twice because my predictions for that fight are a Mayweather win and knockout.

Why Was Mayweather Always The Favorite?

Mayweather was what some people considered a wizard. He could stand in the pocket with many good punchers and slip, dip and avoid strikes coming his way with a big smile on his face while he threw one counterpunch and landed cleanly. Only 27 of his 50 wins came by knockout but that wasn’t his style. He was a defensive boxer but is also the most accurate puncher in the history of the CompuBox scoring system.

His reflexes and knowledge of his opponents were such that many punches that came his way were either blocked, grazed their target or missed completely. That’s why people were impressed when McGregor landed a clean uppercut in the first round of their fight – not many opponents ever landed cleanly on Money.

Some would argue Floyd chose to fight bigger-name opponents after they had passed their prime. Of course, the most notable example of that was his long-awaited bout with Manny Pacquiao that took place about five years after people called for it. But with a guy that is virtually unhittable, it makes sense to see the Mayweather odds always in his favor.

Floyd Mayweather Odds History

Floyd Mayweather Boxing Odds & Results
Result Opponent Odds Method R Time
TBD (Exhibition) Logan Paul -1400 TBD TBD TBD
W (Exhibition) Tenshin Nasukawa -260 TKO 1 2:20
W Conor McGregor -350 TKO 10 1:05
W Andre Berto -3000 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Manny Pacquiao -200 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Marcos Maidana -600 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Marcos Maidana -900 Decision (Majority) 12 3:00
W Canelo Alvarez -300 Decision (Majority) 12 3:00
W Robert Guerrero -600 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Miguel Cotto -700 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Victor Ortiz -500 Knockout 4 2:59
W Shane Mosley -400 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Juan Manuel Marquez -360 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Ricky Hatton -240 TKO 10 1:35
W Oscar De La Hoya -190 Decision (Split) 12 3:00
W Carlos Baldomir -700 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Zab Judah -500 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
W Shambra Mitchell -950 TKO 6 2:06
W Arturo Gatti -400 Referee Technical Decision 6 3:00
W Henry Bruseles -2000 TKO 8 2:55