Jake Paul (left) is the underdog in the Jake Paul vs Daniel Cormier odds.

Jake Paul vs Daniel Cormier Odds: Former UFC heavyweight champ favored

Jake Paul appears to have yet another former MMA champion and UFC competitor on his radar after making short work of Ben Askren in April. Paul showed up to UFC 261 where he had a confrontation with former Olympian and two-division UFC champion Daniel Cormier.

Perhaps this will be the next boxing match that the YouTube star will be going after. Looking at Jake Paul vs Daniel Cormier odds, it is the former champion who is listed as the betting favorite.


Online sportsbook Sportsbook has released Jake Paul vs Daniel Cormier odds with Paul listed as the +225 underdog and Cormier the -350 favorite. This means you would have to wager $350 to profit $100 with a DC win, while a $100 bet on a Paul victory would profit you $225.

Jake Paul vs Daniel Cormier Odds

Fighter Odds
Jake Paul +225
Daniel Cormier -350

Odds as of May 6 at Sportsbook

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Looking at the Jake Paul vs Daniel Cormier odds, our sports betting calculator tells us that Cormier’s odds of -350 represent an implied win probability of 77.78 percent, while Paul’s +225 betting odds have an implied win probability of 30.77 percent.

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Paul vs Cormier Odds Analysis

Since Jake Paul now carries a perfect 3-0 record, all knockouts, and now has one over a man who has actually trained in striking and was an MMA champion in Ben Askren, it’s not surprising to see this line somewhat close. While it makes sense to see Paul as the underdog, I’m sure people will back him after his previous performances and fighting yet another wrestler.

Is Cormier being overvalued?

Yes, Daniel Cormier is a former two-time Olympic wrestler, so it’s safe to assume that his striking skills lag behind. Furthermore, two of DC’s three pro losses came by knockout and in his lone decision loss, he was badly dropped by Stipe Miocic. All that said, though, Cormier also has 10 knockouts on his record, including one against the former heavyweight champion, Miocic.

Ultimately, I consider DC to have quite a chin on him, having been blasted by some heavy hitters in the past, and his compete level is high. I think his odds should be closer to -500.

Jake Paul vs Daniel Cormier Preview

As much as folks want to rip on Paul for not doing things the right way or because they think he’s just a YouTube guy, I do see legitimate boxing skills when he steps into the ring. Additionally, there are people who will talk smack online but Paul will actually put on the 12-ounce gloves and get in there, so he has my respect.

Cormier’s size and compete level will be the difference-maker

As mentioned, DC is known for his great wrestling skills inside the Octagon, but he was a handful in the standup department as well. He was always moving forward, trusting that he could absorb a few shots to be able to land a heavy blow of his own.

One of the main reasons why DC was always coming forward and dismissing his opponents’ striking skills was that he has a short 72-inch reach for the light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions, and he would even be at a four-inch reach disadvantage to Paul. Cormier does a great job hand fighting and pushing his foes’ hands out of the way, then tossing a hook or jab that often finds the target with power.

How much better can Paul get?

If you read my Paul vs Askren preview ahead of that fight, I was fully behind Funky Ben as I thought his strength would be deceptive and that he would wear on Jake. In that brief fight, there was one moment that stood out for me and that was Askren landing a hard 1-2 early – Paul tied up, created space and went back to work unfazed.

Another aspect of his game that was missing when “The Problem Child” fought AnEsonGib and Nate Robinson was evident when he set up his punch that ultimately knocked Askren down. In his previous two fights, he was dealing with guys who didn’t exactly know what they were doing and they essentially ran into his right hand and got knocked out. Against Askren, he stuck behind his straight punches and went to the body to open the head.

Paul vs Cormier Prediction

My thoughts on the Paul vs Askren fight were that if Ben could survive the first round or two, he’d sail to a decision victory. I don’t even give a round or two to Paul in this fight. Cormier will be the bigger man, has faced heavier punchers and his style of pushing his lead hand out and pushing his opponents’ punches away in four-ounce UFC gloves will be easier in boxing gloves.

I think that Cormier will walk right through Paul and it will be just a matter of how tough Jake is and how long he can survive. If his conditioning is on point and he puts money in the bank by investing in body shots, he might be able to see the judges’ scorecards but I’m not confident in that outcome.

Prediction: Daniel Cormier (-350) via knockout