Money Mayweather Over Sugar Shane in Boxing Odds

Two of this generation’s best pugilists square off in a welterweight title bout this weekend when Floyd Mayweather Jr. clashes with Shane Mosley. It actually surprising that these two big names have never met up in the ring before. Mayweather Jr., 33, and Mosley, 38 have both been top names in the boxing world for quite a long time and the fight should definitely be worth the wait.

Mosley enters the bout as the WBA Welterweight Super champion. The title won’t be on the line though, as Mayweather Jr. has declined to fight for it. Basically that means if Mayweather Jr. does defeat Mosley on Saturday night he will not become the new WBA Welterweight champion. Mayweather Jr. doesn’t need to a title to be available to make the fight against Mosley serious. Every time he steps into the ring he puts his perfect professional record on the line. Mayweather Jr. is a 40-0 in his stellar boxing career with 25 wins by knockout.


The oddsmakers over at Sportsbook expect the winning streak to continue after listing him as a -450 favorite. The last time Mayweather fought was in September against Juan Manuel Marquez. He had just returned from a 21-month retirement, but showed little rust in an easy victory. Mayweather Jr. easily controlled the fight and dominated Marquez in a lopsided unanimous decision. Mosley checks in at Sportsbook at +300, but don’t immediately count him out because the odds are against him. That was also the case in Mosley’s last bout back in January 2009 when he faced Antonio Margarito. Margarito, who was the reigning WBA Welterweight champ, was favored against Mosley and many experts were predicting a massacre that would end Mosley’s career. There was a massacre all right, but it was Mosley who delivered the beating. He dominated Margarito and pulled off a major upset with a TKO in the ninth round.

After that win Mosley’s record improved to 46-5 and one no contest with 30 wins by KO. Can Mosley deliver another shocking upset against Mayweather Jr.? After Mosely’s win over Margartio you be a fool to say it couldn’t happen again. Mosley has a slight size advantage over Mayweather Jr. and he’s also a quicker and faster puncher. Mayweather is the better tactician in the ring though, which could make Mosley’s physical advantage moot if he can’t break Mayweather’s defenses.

Mayweather Jr. vs. Mosley odds courtesy of Sportsbook: Fight odds: Floyd Mayweather Jr. -450 Shane Mosley +300 Method of victory: Mayweather Jr. by KO, TKO or DQ +400 Mayweather Jr. by decision -200 Mosley by KO, TKO or DQ +700 Mosley by decision +650 Draw +2500 Pick the round Mayweather round 1 - 60/1 Mayweather round 2 – 60/1 Mayweather round 3 – 50/1 Mayweather round 4 – 48/1 Mayweather round 5 – 45/1 Mayweather round 6 – 40/1 Mayweather round 7 – 37/1 Mayweather round 8 – 34/1 Mayweather round 9 – 32/1 Mayweather round 10 – 30/1 Mayweather round 11 – 30/1 Mayweather round 12 – 30/1 Mayweather 12 round decision Mosley round 1 – 90/1 Mosley round 2 – 80/1 Mosley round 3 – 80/1 Mosley round 4 – 70/1 Mosley round 5 – 60/1 Mosley round 6 – 58/1 Mosley round 7 – 52/1 Mosley round 8 – 48/1 Mosley round 9 - 44/1 Mosley round 10 – 42/1 Mosley round 11 – 40/1 Mosley round 12 – 42/1 Mosley 12 round decision – 13/2