Check out will be the next opponent in the Oscar De La Hoya odds.

Oscar De La Hoya Odds: Who will be Golden Boy’s Opponent?

There have been rumblings for several months now about former six-division boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya making a return to boxing. Those rumblings have turned into an actual fight – after 13 years away from the ring, he will compete on July 3. 

So we have a date, but the 48-year-old hasn’t announced his opponent. There are several other boxers of De La Hoya’s era floating comebacks, including Miguel Cotto and Juan-Manuel Marquez. The latter is the favorite in Oscar De La Hoya odds for his next opponent.


Online sportsbook Sportsbook has released Oscar De La Hoya odds for his next opponent with Marquez listed as the +300 favorite. He’s followed by Tyron Woodley at +350, Conor McGregor at +450, Felix Trinidad at +550 and Sergio Martinez at +550 to round out the top five names on the oddsboard.

Looking at the Oscar De La Hoya odds for Marquez to be his next opponent, the +300 odds mean that you could wager $100 to profit $300 if it is Marquez to stand across from “The Golden Boy.” 

Oscar De La Hoya Odds

Who will be Oscar De La Hoya’s next opponent?
Boxer Odds
Juan-Manuel Marquez +300
Tyron Woodley +350
Conor McGregor +450
Felix Trinidad +550
Fernando Vargas +550
Sergio Martinez +550
Amir Khan +650
Canelo Alvarez +1000
Khabib Nurmagomedov +1500

Odds as of April 9 at Sportsbook

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Why Marquez is the Favorite in the Oscar De La Hoya Odds for Next Opponent

Well, to me, it doesn’t make sense from an odds perspective that Juan-Manuel Marquez would be the favorite to fight Oscar De La Hoya. Why? Because it appears that Marquez is going to be competing in an exhibition bout with Miguel Cotto. 

So if Dynamite has his sights set on a bout with Cotto, and Oscar De La Hoya is planning on lacing up the gloves on July 3, I’m going to say Juan-Manuel Marquez will not be the opponent and therefore he should not be the favorite.

Now, I’m not saying this fight won’t happen at all. In fact, I think that these two men would put on a great show, having not faced each other when they were in their primes. Perhaps if both men look good in their respective fights, this is a bout we can talk about later in 2021 or perhaps 2022.

Oscar De La Hoya Odds for Next Opponent: Where’s the Value?

One would think that De La Hoya will return to compete with another boxer, but it may be a former UFC champion who will be his opponent.

In the above video, former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen says that he received a message from a somewhat reliable source that Tyron Woodley (+350) is going to be considered to be the opponent for Oscar De La Hoya. Of course, Woodley has dropped his last four in the Octagon and is likely to be cut from the promotion. 

Online sportsbook Sportsbook has also released Oscar De La Hoya vs Tyron Woodley odds, showing that there could be something on the go, with De La Hoya listed at -220 and Woodley coming back at +155. 

Oscar De La Hoya vs Tyron Woodley Odds

Oscar De La Hoya vs Tyron Woodley Odds
Boxer Odds
Oscar De La Hoya -220
Tyron Woodley +155

Odds as of April 9 at Sportsbook

In the De La Hoya vs Woodley odds, the -220 betting odds for The Golden Boy mean that you would have to wager $220 to profit $100 with a De La Hoya win, while a $100 bet on “The Chosen One” would profit you $155.

Looking at the De La Hoya vs Woodley odds, our sports betting calculator tells us that De La Hoya’s -220 odds represent an implied win probability of 68.75 percent while Woodley’s +155 betting line has an implied win probability of 39.22 percent.

Oscar De La Hoya Betting History

Looking back at Oscar De La Hoya’s odds, he didn’t become a betting underdog until his 41st fight when he took on Bernard Hopkins on September 18, 2004. Of course, Hopkins knocked out De La Hoya to become the undisputed middleweight champion and the first man to hold all four titles at the same time. 

De La Hoya retired with a record of 39 wins and six losses, including 30 knockout victories. He was a world champion in the junior lightweight, lightweight, light welterweight, welterweight, light middleweight and middleweight classes.

Here’s a look back at the odds for De La Hoya’s most recent performances. Keep in mind the former champion hasn’t been in action since 2008.

Oscar De La Hoya Boxing Odds & Results
Result Opponent Odds Method R Time
Loss Manny Pacquiao -180 RTD 8 3:00
Win Steve Forbes -1800 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
Loss Floyd Mayweather Jr. +140 Decision (Split) 12 3:00
Win Ricardo Mayorga -300 TKO 6 1:25
Loss Bernard Hopkins +190 KO 9 1:38
Win  Felix Strum N/A Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
Loss Shane Mosley -250 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
Win Yori Boy Campas -5000 TKO 8 2:54
Win Fernando Vargas -250 TKO 11 1:48
Win Javier Castillejo -800 Decision (Unanimous) 12 3:00
Win Arturo Gatti -5000 TKO 5 1:16
Loss Shane Mosley -300 Decision (Split) 12 3:00