casino winning strategies

Five Casino Winning Strategies

Many people come into the casino thinking they’re going to win. Of course, it’s good to think positive, but there has to be some substance beyond that. It’s not a matter of luck or whether you have the “hot hand”, there needs to be a strategy to win.

While casino games are in fact random chance, that doesn’t mean certain strategies can’t help you leave with more money in your pocket. Or, another way of looking at it, leaving with less money lost.

With that in mind, here are five casino winning strategies.

Play Two Of Three Outside Bets In Roulette At Once

Roulette always seems to have mixed opinions on it. After all, it’s a game that really designs players to go with high-risk bets while they are playing. Everyone remembers some scene from a movie where a player bets it all on their lucky number and then collects a 35-to-1 payout. However, without having to throw darts, there are actually good methods to deploy while playing roulette.

Red and Black are the most popular “safe bets” (or odds and even) but did you know that there’s actually a better play? When you play outside bets, you get the 1/3 categories also that are titled 1st twelve, 2nd twelve and 3rd twelve. All of these groups that were just listed pay two-to-one. When you play red or black, you’ll get 18 numbers on the roulette wheel and collect one-to-one. However, if you bet two of these outside rows, you’ll get 24 numbers (compared to 18) and still collect one-to-one as you would with red or black.

Not many people realize this, though. It’s a wonder why more people don’t utilize this casino winning strategy often.

Use A 17 Second Delay In Between Spins At The Slot Machine

Most of the time when you get yourself into a rhythm at a slot machine, you don’t want to stop. This leads to consistent play from the machine, but it’s usually better to slow down in between every single spin you make. Now, this strategy is based on the random number generation that these slots use. The machine is constantly replacing one number with the next as the new numbers get placed in the generator's memory. The thought process behind waiting 17 seconds after each spin is because this amount of time will increase the chances that you can bust out of a local pattern in fewer spins. This can always go two different ways, but sometimes you win a lot off of these local patterns and other times you can’t stop coming up empty. If you wait 17 seconds, the generator will eventually break out of the pattern quicker than usual.

Plus, this is a decent strategy to keep your head cleared while sitting and playing slots for hours on end. If you keep on counting 17 seconds between spins, you can sort of clear out your mind before going back into the game.

Play One-On-One With The Dealer

There’s a reason why casinos don’t usually like players going head-to-head with the dealer. This is particularly common when it comes to the blackjack table. That’s because the casino gets an advantage when it comes to playing against multiple players at one table. They can distract you, throw your game off and their poor play can impact you.

However, when you are the only person going against them, it significantly decreases the volatility in the distribution of cards. Most of the time, a pit boss will come over and fill tables up or send other players to different tables if they see somebody start to get a huge break. Or if they feel like you’re good at counting cards.

The bottom line is that these individual games help you win much more frequently compared to when you have a table full of people. So, even if you think that you are going to get moved to another table eventually, it’s always best to try and play against the dealer alone to give yourself the best odds possible.

Set A Daily Loss Limit

There is a rapidly growing part of the population that suffers from some type of gambling problem at a point in their lives. Many bettors or casino players will enter with discipline and a casino winning strategy in mind, but after they suffer a loss, everything goes out the window. This is exactly why you should set a daily loss limit before playing any game at a casino or placing a bet online. This will protect you from the downside when things go awry.

Some gamblers say that this method is boring or not fun because sometimes it wraps up the wagering part of the day really quickly. If a player ends up losing early on, then following the losses, they’ll have to stick to the rules.

Regardless, this is the way to play. Whether online or if you’re going on a big trip to Las Vegas or somewhere where gambling is frequent, be sure to lock in a trip limit. This way, you have boundaries in place to protect you.

Get Used To The Speed Of Online Games

When people play online table games, they usually prefer to go about it just like an in-person table game. After all, the feeling of being at a land-based casino has been recreated online – especially with the live dealer games. However, there is one key factor about these games that are different from one another, and that’s the speed they’re played at. When you’re competing in online table games, the hands go by at lightning speed and some players are not used to that.

This is especially true when talking about a game like blackjack. Hands go by much faster online compared to in person. The key is simply to get used to it. Poker players will typically open up several windows and play several hands at the same time. That’s hard at first but eventually, you’ll get used to the speed.

In the long run, when you go back to table games in person, the speed will feel a touch slow. However, you’ll be thinking faster and understanding each hand and situation more quickly. That will give you an edge over the house once you’re trained.