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They say the best odds for a casino player is at the blackjack table, where the house edge can be as little as .5%. Coincidentally, it’s also one of the most fun and most popular casino games.

But when do you stand and when is the best time to double down? Which games at your favorite online casino offer the best odds and how do you play them?

Learning the odds is important for every online casino player because knowing when you’re taking a big chance or playing near-even odds can make the difference between winning or losing in a playing session. Knowing the casino odds is also rule No.1 when properly managing a playing bankroll.

Find a Good Casino

However, before you start playing any games at all, finding a good casino site should be your first priority. There are plenty of them around, although they differ considerably in terms of quality, the number of games offered, and the security of the site.

You can either use a powerful resource such as our Casino Listings to guide you to a casino that's right for you, or else go hunting for one yourself. If you do decide to go looking then the major points to consider when choosing a site are . . .

The welcome bonus they are offering you. Bigger is better, although the bonus should not be impossible to unlock. Sometimes big bonuses are offered by casinos that don’t commit to quality customer service; don’t sacrifice quality for quantity when choosing an online casino to play on.

Security and banking options. Preferably you get plenty of both. Encrypted security should be a must and banking options should be many, especially if a player is from the United States. Payouts and deposits should be easy and fast, and personal information should be protected from outside sources.

Game selection. The more the merrier. The best online casinos introduce new slots and video poker games on a regular basis and have many versions of the same casino table games like American and European roulette. And many casinos offer bonuses for playing different games at certain times of the week, so having a wide variety to choose from can actually increase your return on investment.

Payout percentages. These show how generous the casinos are with their games, so the higher this number is, the better it is for you. Payout percentages are higher on average online than one will find in a land-based casino, so find a casino that has a high payout to increase your overall chances of winning.

Practice Bankroll Management

Professional casino gamers know that if they want to play their favorite games anytime they want they have to practice bankroll management. Like sports betting, casino action should be organized and only specific percentage amounts should be wagered at one time.

Plan out your playing sessions and divide the amount you have to play with into session amounts. If you burn through a session amount that session should be over until the next time you’re scheduled to play. Winnings can either expand the amount of time you can play or increase the amount you can wager in the next session.

Basic rules for casino odds bankroll management include betting smaller amounts on longshot odds while increasing the betting percentage for closer-to-even odds situations. Bankroll management also includes taking some winnings out when your bankroll grows to a specified size.

Remember to Have Fun

Playing online casino games is supposed to be a form of entertainment, not a method for getting rich quick. It’s about enjoying an exciting game that offers the opportunity to win some money along the way. If you keep play within your limits and treat it as a hobby an eventual payday will come.

Don’t take the games too seriously, as casino games have a win/loss variance and every player experiences winning and losing streaks. With proper planning your playing bankroll should be able to survive losing streaks long enough to see a return. Sometimes that return is big enough to fill your pockets with cash.

Get the Lowdown on Casino Games

We'll take you around the online casino floor and show you the rules of the games and which ones have the best odds. So whether it's blackjack, baccarat, craps or keno, our casino experts break down the games and the math behind them. Like pai gow, video poker, slots, red dog, or roulette instead? We have that covered as well with separate tutorial articles on each casino game.

So look around, brush up on the games, and then check out some of the best online casinos and learn about their casino odds and whopping bonuses for new players. Most online casinos allow free play, so test out the games before you invest and get your strategy down for the best chance to win.