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High Limit Casinos

The first thing that we need to do is determine a rough estimate for what constitutes a high limit casino. As you may know, you can probably find a casino in Las Vegas or elsewhere to take just about any level of action. There have been numerous stories of million dollar wagers placed in Las Vegas. I feel it is pretty safe to say that you won’t find anywhere online that will accept a wager quite that large. Of course the number of people who have a million dollars that they want to gamble with is relatively small, so let’s consider what this means for the rest of us.

Traditional High Limit Casino Games

The most traditional casino games played for the highest limits tend to be baccarat and blackjack. Both of these games are available at just about every online casino, but the maximum bet varies depending on where you are playing and what game you are enjoying. As a rough guideline, the maximum wagers will range from $500 to $10,000. A recent survey of several online casinos shows a maximum bet range for blackjack from $250 up to $10,000 a hand. Baccarat ranged from $200 up to $5,000. Craps had a spread from $100 up to $2,000. Roulette ranged from $250 up to $2,000.

How to Get a Higher Table Limit

While some online casinos will not even consider offering higher limits, the ones with ownership that understands the value of high limit gamblers have been known to offer special provisions for their best players. So the first thing you need to do is build a history of playing at the maximum levels that the online casino offers where you have chosen to play. Make sure you are a member of the player’s club and that they are tracking your play. Once you have developed a solid history of play, contact someone at the casino, preferably through the VIP program, and request a higher limit. It is also not a bad idea to contact the support department before playing to see what they can offer you. Make sure you are prepared to back up your questions with real play if they agree to what you want.

Ways Around Betting Limits

One of the easiest ways to increase the amount you are wagering is to play more hands or spins, etc. If you are playing blackjack you can play more than one hand at a time if the software where you are playing allows it. You can also play at more than one online casino.

Special Bonuses for High Limit Players

Many online casinos offer special bonuses and perks for their biggest players. Some even offer loss rebates like many land based casinos. You may be able to find this information online, but more than likely you will need to contact the casino directly to find out what they have. Make sure you can tell them what game or games you will be playing, how much you will be depositing, the amount of your average wager and how much you plan to play daily or weekly.

High Limit Casino Play Concerns

The biggest concern with playing online at the highest limits is getting your money into and out of the casino. Your main option will probably be direct bank wires going both ways. But you need to completely understand the banking laws and regulations where you live to make sure moving large amounts of money this way doesn’t cause any problems for you. One concern is that these transactions leave a trail and may open you up to tax consequences. You will want to keep track of all of your deposits and withdrawals as well as your wins and losses. In some countries, if you are not careful you will be viewed as winning any money you take out even if you have deposited more if you don’t have adequate records. Speak to your accountant or attorney if this is a concern.

Why Do You Want to Increase the Table Limits?

Many players start thinking that if they double their bets after every loss, called the nightingale system, they will always win eventually. Then they see that all of the games have lower and upper betting limits so they will eventually hit a ceiling on a string of losses. If you think you can get around this by asking for higher limits, you are set for a disappointment. Not only are casinos smart enough to understand this, they will move the lower betting limits up when they increase your maximum bets. And if they don’t and see what you are doing they may limit your play or restrict your bonuses or perks. Of course nightingale players almost always end up losing in the long run so they may just let you play until you lose all of your deposit.