Best CFL Betting Strategy

If you’re a football bettor, the only gridiron game in town for the summer months is the CFL.

Betting on the CFL doesn’t differ at all from NFL betting, with the point spread, moneyline, OVER/UNDER total and props all available for every game at most sportsbooks. The game is a little different, with a bigger field and a bigger ball and 12 men on the field instead of 11.

And there’s also that little matter of three downs instead of four downs (leading to a lot of punting and passing every game), and CFL teams get a single point for kicking a ball through the end zone – that is, a missed field goal.

CFL Fills the Summer Football Void

Betting on the CFL odds may be more popular early on in the season before the NFL and college football take over and dominate the football betting landscape. However, bettors shouldn’t completely forget about the Canadian Football League when the summer comes to an end.

Once the NFL and college football seasons begin, the CFL also has to take a back seat for the oddsmakers at the sportsbooks. With the oddsmakers having less time to focus on their CFL odds and lines, it can be a good time for bettors to spot a bad line and exploit it.

Watch for CFL Line Moves at Books

CFL bettors should also be on the lookout for line moves. Since fewer bettors are wagering on the CFL, line moves are usually because smart money is all over one side instead of everyone simply taking the favorites as is common in NFL betting. Following smart money is usually a good move when betting on the CFL and pays off well in the long run.

Also, one trend that always seems to be alive year after year in the CFL is home-field advantage. Of course, some teams are better at home than others and some may be great SU but poor ATS, so always check the home and away trends carefully for every game before betting each week.