About William Hill's College Pick'em

One of the most trusted international sportsbooks in the betting game is bringing the College Pick’em tournament to bettors of all levels. Whether you’re a novice who only recently started gambling on sports a seasoned-pro who rarely makes a mistake, you should try your hand at handicapping NCAAF games against the spread.

About William Hill's College Pick’em

For a tiny fee of $500, participants need to pick seven college football games against the spread (ATS) from a curated menu of 25 eligible matchups. The contest runs from Friday, September 6 until Saturday, November 9 – which encompasses most of NCAA football season. You can register as of Monday, July 1, and you can enter up to four times to up your chances of winning. Each week contestants need to pick seven college football games ATS. To avoid a PUSH, the authorized games will all be listed as half-point (1/2) spreads.

You must be 21-years-old and present a valid photo ID like a driver’s license. Furthermore, you need to have a William Hill Rewards Club account or a William Hill Wagering account to enter the competition. Membership to both accounts is free, but your account must be in good standing in order to enter College Pick’em otherwise you will not be entitled to the prizes even if you win.

The only catch is that you must sign up and submit your picks in person at a William Hill Sportsbook Kiosk. This could pose a problem for those who are not residents of Sin City. However, there is something you can do – more on that below.

Finding a Proxy

If you do not have the pleasure of living in the state of Nevada, you can hire the services of a professional to submit picks on your behalf. A proxy is someone who is a resident of the state that for a small fee will visit the Sportsbook Kiosk weekly to give in your ATS picks. You can also ask a friend or relative who lives in the state to do the same. Your proxy must also be 21 years of age and present valid identification. When you sign up for the contest, you and your designated proxy must be there in person in Las Vegas, but after that, you’re free to return home for the duration of the college football competition.


The grand prize is $75,000, with the winner eligible for a $25,000 bonus if they pick 49 or more games correctly. If prior to the starting of the 10-week contest, more than $75,000 is collected in entry fees, the additional funds will be tacked on to the total prize pool. The more people that enter, the bigger the pot which is incentive enough to participate. The sportsbook does take a vig, but even with their cut, first place gets 50 percent of all entry fees. Moreover, second place gets 15 percent, third place gets 10 percent and fourth – sixth place collect five percent.

Should there be more than one winner who finishes with the same exact score, the total money will be split equally amongst the tied competitors. Prizes will be available 48 hours after the official results are posted on the William Hill standings page. If you are lucky enough to win, you must redeem your prize by February 28, 2020. You will need to claim your prize in person, your proxy cannot do it for you.

College Pick’em Football standings will be updated weekly on William Hill’s site or you can check it out here on Odds Shark’s contest center. If you have you the tools to beat the spread, why not try your hand at this competition? Trying to win three-quarters of a million dollars is a great way to rev up your college football sports betting whether it’s a rivalry matchup between USC and Notre Dame or Michigan vs Ohio State.